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unival group

Intelligence - Counter Measures - Physical Protection

unival® group of companies,
Am Hofgarten 4,
53113 Bonn Germany


Unival® group is the consortium leader of a German group of security companies, specialising is governmental and corporate protection. We operate in more than 35 countries worldwide, with selected and professionally trained distributors that represent our multi-level-protection philosophy and product portfolio.

Blast, ballistic and data protection systems

As a German company, unival guarantees supreme quality standards, customer-orientated services, highest reliability and long-term support for our international clientele. With a strong focus on blast, ballistic and information-protection systems, we develop and manufacture high-end security products in Germany.

Based on our extensive operational experience, we have developed a comprehensive security portfolio, which enables us to offer highly customised and individual security solutions at highest German quality standards. The unival portfolio is divided into ten groups.

Protective intelligence for identifying long-range threats

Protective intelligence solutions by unival focus on identifying and analysing potential long-range threats.

Person and asset tracking solutions

unival offers a wide range of tracking solutions, such as VIP tracking, prisoner tracking, person, object and vehicle tracking, pipeline monitoring and complete fleet managing solutions.

Counter-monitoring of enemy forces

Counter-monitoring services include screening equipment for wiretaps and listening devices, along with mobile forensic devices.

Secure military communications and jamming systems

Through its secure communication services, unival offers high-encrypted communication and IT solutions.

In addition, the company provides counter measures that refer to the unival digital wideband jamming systems. These are available as portable, convoys or stationary options.

Surveillance and monitoring solutions

unival provides high-end, comprehensive and innovative surveillance applications, with the most advanced analysing and forensics software.

Access security, armoured equipment and protective gear

unival specialises in screening devices, as well as comprehensive detection solutions that detect and analyse any potential threats before they emerge.

Physical security solutions are provided for armouring, blast-protection and other high-end physical security devices.

Protective gear offered includes a range of ballistic gear that covers soft, hard-plate and stab-resistant products. Furthermore, supreme quality army boots and customised manufactured uniforms are also available.

Military level security training

unival supplies security measures with a professional and substantial training programme, ensuring the integration of comprehensive security concepts. Alongside the special security trainings, unival offers complete risk assessments, checkpoint planning or perimeter and property protection services.

All unival products are developed in a modular design in order to customise solutions for our clients that suit client specific and regional requirements.

All unival equipment is designed and tested to work under harshest environmental conditions. Furthermore, our experience of more than ten years in the international security business guarantees turnkey execution of projects.

Mobile Checkpoint Screening Van

The ever-rising security threats for civil structures worldwide have made it necessary to re-evaluate existing solutions for screening of people and luggage entering public events, critical infrastructure or mass gatherings.

unival® group GmbH

unival® group of companies

Am Hofgarten 4

53113 Bonn