unival group specialises in the development of security systems integrated into military vehicles, including mobile checkpoint vans, X-Ray screening vans, surveillance vehicles command and control vans, and jamming vehicles.

The company is an industry-leader for high-quality German-made mobile security systems. Mobile security applications are the best solution to operate in any unpredictable environment as they provide optimal flexibility.

Specialist security systems for military vehicles

unival provides advanced and customised special security vehicles for multiple applications and operational scenarios, including:

  • Complete mobile screening checkpoints
  • Undercover surveillance solutions
  • Sigint and comint
  • Jamming
  • Armored, K9 and special purpose vehicles
  • Mobile command centers V
  • Eod

At unival, we are continuously developing cutting-edge mobile solutions to help protect and provide optimal security.

ATGcall enables voiceover-IP calls around the world, with no data stored on a server.
uniTRAX Fleet Tracking and Management enables the tracking and monitoring of entire fleets up to 6,300 vehicles, as well as a comprehensive fuel management system.
unival provides armour and blast-protection for a range of vehicles.
Ballistic security glass offered by unival can be installed wherever it is needed.
Operating at more than 1,300W, unival’s DWJ®1 Digital Wideband Convoy Jammer is a powerful, smart digital jamming for maximum vehicle protection.
unival’s PCM®1 is the professional solution for detecting any listening device, digital or wire connected.
unival’s Pipeline Security monitors and secures pipeline grids with uniTAG Pipeline Tracker and GEUTEBRÜCK video surveillance and alarm management systems.
The unival PWJ®1 Portable Digital Wideband Jammer is extremely useful for smart digital jamming in mobile applications such as special force counter-IED operations.

Mobile screening solutions for optimal event security

Evolving security threats posed to civil structures have made it necessary for organisations to reevaluate existing solutions for the screening of people and luggage entering public events, critical infrastructure or mass gatherings.

Considering this, unival group paired up with our long-term partner Hartmann Spezialkarosserien to jointly develop the Mobile Screening Solution (MSS). The MSS is a complete mobile checkpoint for people and luggage that features alongside a state-of the-art surveillance and information collecting system.

unival has contributed multi-level security systems to this venture, with Hartmann bringing its expertise of premium vehicle body building and certified Mercedes-Benz craftmanship.

The key goal of the MSS is to screen all people and items entering the access perimeter, achieving a 100% detection rate of prohibited items, such as drugs, weapons, and dangerous goods, with security deployment access within five minutes.

Innovative modular checkpoint van for security requirements

unival & Hartmann have collaborated with leading German and international security and screening equipment suppliers to design and produce the world’s first complete modular checkpoint van, the MSS, to build upon current security milestones.

The first prototype of the MSS was successfully presented at the official Mercedes Benz booth at the IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi. After receiving positive feedback, the MSS has since gone on to become one of unival’s & Hartmann’s most successful solutions.

Mobile security solutions for critical defence operations

unival’s mobile security solutions are field-proven and have been specially designed to operate in critical environmental conditions and to ensure the comfort of operators. Extensive service packages, along with training for end users, are also available, including for remote locations service partners.

With high-tech jamming and counter-measure solutions developed and manufactured in-house, unival are specialists in identifying client requirements and developing the perfect solution to meet individual needs. The company’s mobile security solutions are always developed from the operator’s perspective on the field and are easy to operate, while also providing added value in terms of system capabilities.

About unival

unival has extensive experience in developing and supplying integrated security solutions, supporting clients in more than 50 countries for more than 20 years.

Aside from our mobile security capabilities, we also provide multiple advanced screening solutions, such as vehicle and cargo screening, as well as innovative jamming technology for electronic warfare requirements.

For more information on the other services we offer, please get in touch with unival directly though the contact form on this page.