Having looked at how unival group’s (Unival) flexible security solutions help companies counter the latest threats to industry – from asymmetric warfare to cybercrime, and even risks to health and safety caused by Covid-19 – we turn now to protecting industrial projects.

Head of Executive Sales and Project Manager at Unival, Johannes Hieltscher, explains why it’s crucial for companies to consider security elements during the design phases of industrial projects in order to protect them from the outset.

Q: What are the key aspects of modern industrial project security that project managers need to be considering?

Industrial project managers should be focused on loss prevention. That covers many aspects, from supply chain protection to facility protection, staff screening, monitoring and surveillance, asset tracking, and many more. Depending on an end user’s requirements, Unival provides fully customised, multi-level security solutions that detect, identify and counter threats, as well as prevent damage to a company’s important assets.

Our security project solutions range from what could be described as “classic” security applications, such as smart CCTV surveillance, to more innovative solutions like perimeter protections, real-time asset tracking and specialised staff and object screening systems.

Q: Why do security measures need to be considered during the design phase of industrial projects?

To answer this, we can look at a recent example of one company that built a logistics center. The center was designed and built according to the most up to date construction and property management standards. But, after completion, the owner decided to install advanced X-ray screening systems for their incoming goods. Due to the existing structure of the new building, and in order to integrate these systems, additional civil works and process optimisation for incoming goods was required.

It would have been much more effective to consider these products and systems from the beginning, and allow the building to be designed accordingly. With that approach, it would have been possible to reduce costs as well as optimise operational efficiency of the incoming goods handling.

Q: What are the key benefits to having effective industrial security measures in place?

Nowadays, loss prevention is 90% procedure-related. That means if you have the right procedures in place, you can reduce theft and loss in your company a great deal. However, Unival’s experience is that loss prevention also requires the right technology and professional training to minimise these threats and reduce the harm done to your business operations.

Q: What are the main threats to industrial security that Unival is currently seeing, and how can you help counter them?

On the one hand we are currently seeing a shift from classic, tangible threats like arson or robbery, to more disparate threats like cybercrime and loss of information. On the other hand, we’ve noticed that companies’ supply routes are being attacked more frequently, with attacks ranging from armed robberies to theft of whole containers and trucks.

Unival provides customised loss prevention solutions, such as complete tracking and surveillance for goods, as well as integrated security systems, which combine standard security systems with cyber protection. We’re therefore addressing these threats and risks facing organisations and industries as they evolve.

Q: Why should customers choose Unival’s security solutions for protecting industrial projects?

Unival offers highly advanced and customised security solutions that are completely integrated and designed to conform with the highest industry standards, such as the TAPA FSR & PSR 2020 standards.

We make sure that any security threats to your industrial projects are addressed in the most precise and effective way. In addition, Unival’s specialist role as a systems designer, integrator and supplier, means that we work in collaboration with clients, from the first planning session through to when a system is operational, and we follow up with after-sales support.

Our most important goal is to provide innovative yet reliable systems that help our clients protect their assets in the best possible way. We are constantly striving for long-lasting and trustful relationships with our customers.