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Critical infrastructure security solutions: How to protect vital projects in an uncertain age

04 Mar 2021 (Last Updated March 5th, 2021 14:23)

The technological solutions utilised by industrial and governmental bodies are becoming increasingly advanced, but with the onset of an era of new solutions comes a wave of new security risks.

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Critical infrastructure security solutions: How to protect vital projects in an uncertain age
As a specialist for security solutions with many years of practical know-how, unival group helps customers to identify and assess its risk environments

Today, organisations and governmental authorities are constantly confronted with a stream of emerging threats that require continual adaption. In order to effectivity prevent significant security risks, organisations must apply customised security solutions that can be adapted flexibly to meet current needs.

Businesses are responsible for establishing and maintaining a secure environment in order to safeguard both staff and clients from foreseeable risks, protect official assets from loss or misuse, and limit the potential for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisation’s official information and assets to become compromised.

They must also continue to support the delivery of their essential business, regardless of disruptions caused by any and all types of hazard. In addition, companies are required to facilitate the appropriate sharing of official information for the government to conduct business effectively.

Protective security usually incorporates measures such as personnel security and physical security, as well as information security. Agencies must ensure that this security becomes part of their organisational culture, practices and operational plans.Most importantly, this level of protection must correspond to the assessed levels of risk. A balance between too much and too little protection must be struck after an entrepreneurial risk assessment, ensuring that every compromise that could lead to uncontrollable collateral damage is analysed and evaluated in a cost/benefit calculation.

Security is an organic process and requires a permanent and risk-based adaptation of the relevant and adequate protective measures.

Critical infrastructure security with unival group

As a specialist for security solutions with many years of practical know-how, unival group helps customers to identify and assess its risk environments, then works with them to develop customised security plans.

An appropriate security environment requires a systematic and coordinated approach. unival group supports organisations to help them establish a security philosophy, practice and plans, in order to efficiently purchase and maintain technology and operate the related equipment.

unival’s 360° approach helps organisations to define risk levels and offers technology consulting and comprehensive services from a single source. From the initial planning phase to integration, unival group maintains close contact with its clients, providing complete and consistent support born from German project management. Additionally, the thorough selection of security products and partners guarantees an effective and precise realisation of even the most complex projects.

With more than 20 years of international expertise and certified partners, unival group offers a holistic set of security services in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company aims to create solutions that are balanced, offering neither too much nor too little protection, and that above all offer excellent value for money.

For more information about unival group’s customised and comprehensive security solutions, including screening, jamming, mobile security and counter-monitoring, visit their website.

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