Over recent years, screening vehicles, cargo and also of people and baggage has become increasingly important. To counter human trafficking, detect and mitigate illegal weapons, contrabands, illicit items and other threats is essential for secure societies.

unival group is specialised in providing highly efficient screening technologies and has become a leading integrator for multi-level screening checkpoints. We can choose from a rich toolset of the most important technologies such as Transmission X-Ray, Metal Detection, Terahertz and Milimeterwave Screening up to more complex technologies such as CT, IMS or other methods that help to determine and mitigate threats.

unival group is considered an industry leading expert to adapt and implement screening solutions that are not only highly efficient but also adequate and meaningful in their execution.

Screening systems provided by unival include:

  • Vehicle and cargo screening
  • People screening
  • Baggage and freight screening
  • Checkpoint container
  • Explosives and drug detection
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Radiation safety
  • Fever screening