unival group was originally formed from a German company that provided armored cars made for VVIP personnel, ranging from celebrities to presidents.

Over the years the demand for mobile security products grew, as such solutions offer more flexibility and can be used in a variety of operations. Due to this fact unival started to develop its own security systems integrated into vehicles, which we realize with several premium partners, who share the same understanding of quality and innovation.

unival is one of the leading specialists for high-quality mobile security systems made in Germany. In order to provide maximum flexibility, mobile security applications are the best solution to operate in any unpredictable environment. Due to this reason, we developed over the years several unique mobile security platforms. Nowadays, unival provides highly sophisticated and customized special security vehicles, for different applications and operational scenarios:

  • Complete mobile screening checkpoints
  • Undercover surveillance solutions
  • Sigint & Comint
  • Jamming
  • Armored cars
  • Mobile command centers
  • K9 Vehicles
  • Eod
  • Special purpose vehicles

It always starts with an idea to come up with the next generation security product. At unival we are constantly developing innovative mobile solutions which help to protect and provide security at its best. A good example is the development of MSS: The ever-rising security threats for civil structures around the world have made it necessary to reevaluate existing solutions for screening of people and luggage entering public events, critical infrastructure or mass gatherings.

For this reason unival group paired up with our long-term partner Hartmann Spezialkarosserien to jointly develop the MSS – MOBILE SCREENING SOLUTION, which is a complete mobile checkpoint for persons and bags, paired with state-of the-art surveillance and information gathering systems. In this joint venture unival integrated multi-level security systems, whereas Hartmann brought in its expertise of premium vehicle body building and certified Mercedes-Benz craftmanship.

With the development of MSS unival had the goal to achieve the following milestones:

  • 100% screening of all persons and items entering the access perimeter
  • 100% detection of prohibited items (such as weapons, explosives and drugs)
  • Complete access security deployment within 5 minutes, wherever necessary

Together with a consortium of top-level German & international security & screening equipment suppliers, unival & Hartmann have been able to develop and manufacture the world’s first complete modular checkpoint van, the MSS, reaching beyond existing security milestones.

After almost 2 years of development the first prototype of MSS has been presented at the official Mercedes Benz booth at the IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Due to the immense positive feedback, the MSS has been one of unival’s & Hartmann’s most successful products ever since.