Comrod Communications Group design and manufacture military antennas and antenna systems, tactical support masts, military power supplies and battery chargers to the defence communications market.

Military vehicle antennas

The Comrod range of military vehicle antennas are designed for use on modern in-service platforms including armoured or soft skin, metal chassis or composite, wheeled or tracked. Tactical antennas cover the military frequency bands of HF, VHF, UHF and L1/L2 GPS. Comrod also has an extensive range of wideband and multiband antennas covering both VHF and UHF in the 30-2500 MHz band. High power antennas are available which are suitable for both military communications and IED jamming applications.

Military manpack antennas

The Comrod range of tactical manpack antennas are suitable for handheld and man-portable applications covering HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands (1.6MHz to 2500MHz). Consultation with Radio OEMs and users enables us to optimise the product to meet the customer’s specific requirement. Manpack antennas can be supplied using helical, tape or folding whip construction and are available with a flexible gooseneck or spring assembly and antenna matching unit (AMU). Variants are also available with integrated GPS antennas.

HF vehicle loop antenna gives NVIS performance for communications on-the-move.
HF, VHF, UHF and multi-band antenna solutions.
Low-profile multi-band antenna solutions designed for wideband tactical radios.
Composite and aluminium sectional, sleeve and telescopic support masts with heights ranging from five to 40 metres.
Antenna control systems – multiple transceivers, reduced antennas.
ComPact series military power supplies and battery chargers.
Military shipboard antennas operating in the HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands.
Comrod Communications Group design and manufacture military antennas and antenna systems, tactical support masts, military power supplies and battery chargers to the defence communications market.

Tactical base station antennas

Comrod has an extensive range of tactical ground and remote antennas covering the HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands up to power ratings of 1KW. The military specification HF ranges of products include omni-directional antennas with ground planes and HF broadband wire dipole antennas covering 2-30MHz. In the VHF band we have elevated omni-directional end fed antennas with ground planes as well as elevated centre fed antennas.

For directional point to point and line of sight communications we have log periodic antennas in the 30-88MHz and 30-512MHz bands and for wide area networks we have a radio relay antennas covering band 1, band 3+ and band IV frequencies in both grid and dish configurations. All tactical base station antenna products can be supplied with adaptors to fit the Comrod series of military support masts.

Telescopic, sectional and sleeve masts

Comrod has a complete range of tactical support masts from lightweight manpack up to heavy duty motorised versions. The tactical man-pack mast range is simple to erect, cost effective and ideally suited for light omni-directional and wire antennas up to 9metres in height. The ULM and MLV sleeve tripod masts are primarily ground mounted systems ideally suited for heavier head loads, elevating tactical base station antennas including line of sight antennas up to 40 metres.

The composite telescopic push up mast series can be used to elevate light head loads up to 12 metres and be ground or vehicle mounted. The pneumatic telescopic mast series is constructed of aluminium sections and is erected using a foot-pump or compressor. It is ideally suited to supporting our tactical base station antennas up to heights of 18 metres.

The winch driven composite telescopic mast series is suited to supporting heavier head loads up to heights of 34 metres. This series can be ground mounted or vehicle mounted using vehicle specific brackets.

Antenna control systems (INTAS and ACS)

Comrod passive and active antenna combiners allow multiple transceivers to utilise one or two antennas. Reducing the number of antennas on a platform reduces the visual impact and can improve the radiating characteristics due to the reduced effect of co-site interference.

Power supplies and battery chargers

The Comrod range of power supplies and battery charging products have been designed and manufactured using state of the art technology and fully meet Mil Std/EMC/TREE requirements.

The product range covers chargers for handheld radio batteries up to vehicle installed stabilised power supplies for sensitive electronic equipment. The Comrod range of rack mounted power supplies are designed for optimum adaptation to weak power sources such as portable generators.

Military shipboard antennas

Comrod has a large range of antennas specifically designed for use on military marine craft ranging from rigid inflatable’s up to large naval vessels operating in the HF, VHF and UHF bands.