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Mobile Medical Units

Medical Coaches has designed and manufactured special-purpose, mobile medical and general-purpose units for military and civilian applications since 1949.

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Medical Coaches

Medical Coaches has designed and manufactured special-purpose, mobile medical and general-purpose units for military and civilian applications since 1949.

Typical mobile units (trailers, containers and self-propelled) built by Medical Coaches include Mobile MRI, Mobile PET / CT, Mobile CT, Mobile Emergency, Mobile Disaster and Surgical Trauma, Mobile Health Clinics, Mobile Blood Collection and Laboratories, Mobile Mammography, Mobile Dental, Mobile Instrumentation Units, Mobile Training and Class Room, Customised Mobile Clinics.

Medical Coaches is ISO 9001 compliant and CE certified, and units shipped to Europe receive TUV certification.

Mobile Health Screening trailer for the Maine VA. Medical Coaches can design and build medical units in all shapes and sizes from small to large self-propelled vans (two-wheel and four-wheel drive) and from small to large towed trailers, containers, and semi-trailer configurations.
Interior view of a modern dental clinic on board a 53in mobile unit. Dental coaches are also available in a variety of configurations. Models can range from the smaller, one-chair clinics, up to multi-chair clinics that can be used for exam and cleaning, as well as dental surgery.
Mobile surgical hospital / first aid ward trailer; fully self-contained systems allow rapid deployment.
Mobile PET, PET / CT and MRI, provide the most advanced diagnostic screening equipment in a mobile environment.
Mobile labs provide field monitoring and evaluation of nuclear, biological and chemical agents via sophisticated on-board lab equipment.

Mobile MRI, PET / CT, x-ray for military and civilian applications

Medical Coaches specialises in the design and manufacturing of a complex mobile medical trailers to house highly sophisticated medical equipment such as MRI, PET / CT, CT, x-ray screening to fixed site standards.

We are certified by the largest OEM partners such as GE Siemens Healthcare, Philips) To date we have built more than 20,000 mobile units since 1949 and delivered units to more than 110 countries worldwide.

Mobile health screening, x-ray, laboratory for military bases, schools, corporate, hospitals and disasters

Highly sophisticated, multi-phasic, medical screening trailers with expandable walls can be used for a variety of applications.

Services that can be performed on the mobile unit, acute-illnesses, DOT physicals, electrocardiograms, family planning assistance, influenza, athletic / school / camp physicals, vaccinations, lab testing, monitoring of chronic, stable medical conditions, patient education, psychological counselling, pulmonary function testing, routine pre-operative physical routine x-rays, skin biopsies, urgent care. Units are custom designed to the customer.

Mobile dental screening care for military, corporate, government and civilian applications

Medical Coaches has manufactured dental clinics since our inception and pioneered the customisation of dental equipment for mobile applications. We have continually improved our mobile dental clinics based on our own engineering and manufacturing research and development along with the recommendations of our customers.

Medical Coaches can build a mobile dental clinic to meet your particular programme requirements, with models available in one, two, three four and five chair designs.

Mobile blood donation clinics for military, corporate, government and civilian applications

Medical Coaches’ high-quality, specialty blood donation vehicles are designed with the needs of donors and healthcare professionals in mind. We have many designs to choose from in semi-trailer, towed, chassis cab, RV style 2 to 6 beds.

Our aluminum ‘C’ channel, construction, using .80 gauge thickness, gives you strength and durability for years. Our custom cabinetry, spacious work areas, multi-louvered ceilings make for a comfortable work environment.

Mobile surgical / hospital self-contained units for rapid deployment

Hospital on wheels designs are available in semi-trailer, towed, two or four wheel drive configurations. They are designed to provide an on-site surgical services for military, hospital, or civilian applications.

  • Pre-post operative areas, nurses stations, handicapped accessible bathroom / changing areas, spacious operating rooms
  • Self-contained with heating, ventilation (HEPA filtration) and air conditioning (HVAC), power lighting, fire suppression, communications systems
  • Units contain plumbing, medical gas / vacuum
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Rapid set-up

Mobile homeland / disaster response / mobile command centres

Medical Coaches has been building mobile homeland security units since the early 1960s. Some of our clients include NASA, NY State Police, Connecticut State Police, NY / NJ Port Authority, Boeing Corporation, Sikorsky Aircraft, AS&E, Smiths Detection, GE, and ESPN.

Our mobile command computer backup trailer complexes served World Trade Centre clients on 11 September. We have many self-propelled or trailer designs available for selection.

Custom-built designs

Although we have concentrated on mobile medical units, we have also built many unique and different types of units. Most are one-of-a-kind for specific purposes.

With experience, depth of engineering, and production talent, we comfortable taking on new and challenges. We are adept at drawing from the information and experience of our customer and applying this to mobile unit designs. The majority units started as a concept and became a mobile unit.

Sophisticated engineering

Medical Coaches’ long-term success has been our experienced engineering department. Poorly engineered designs, costly ‘learning curve’ mistakes and failure to properly interpret customer requirements can spell disaster for a programme.

Medical Coaches’ years of engineering experience is combined with the most-sophisticated computer engineering available to our industry. Solid Works and AutoCAD software allow us to develop 3-D models, perform stress and load analysis, and confirm fit and function before the first piece of metal is cut.

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Products & services

  • Multiphasic Health Screening

    Ever since our founder, Ian Smith, started Medical Coaches in the late 1940s, mobile medical clinics have been the core of our business. Our mobile medical clinics have served on every continent and in more than 110 countries.

  • Mobile PET / CT Platform

    Medical Coaches is proud to be able to offer our unique mobile products to PET / CT customers throughout the country.

  • Mobile Dental Units

    Medical Coaches has been designing and building mobile dental clinics since our inception. We pioneered the customisation of dental equipment for mobile applications with the Ritter Dental Corporation in the 1950s.

  • Custom Mobile Unit Designs

    Although Medical Coaches has concentrated on mobile medical units, we have also built many unique and different types of units, the majority of which are one-of-a-kind for specific purposes.

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