Mobile PET / CT platform

Medical Coaches is proud to be able to offer our unique mobile products to PET / CT customers throughout the country. As you view our mobile PET / CT, you will see why Medical Coaches is the preferred mobile supplier for many of the most sophisticated buyers in the world.

Medical Coaches understands that the selection of a manufacturer for a mobile PET / CT system is extremely important to the customer. Medical Coaches knows that our customer’s profitability can only be maintained if their mobile PET / CT units operate dependably day-in, day-out, 100% up time is always our goal. We make sure our trailers can be serviced in the field quickly and efficiently allowing scanning to continue.

Features that make our mobile PET / CT coaches so unique include:

  • All aluminum body construction
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Unique ceiling design
  • Underbelly generator
  • FMVSS 403 and 404 compliant underbelly lift
  • Sliding patient door
  • Service programme

Several reasons enable Medical Coaches to be set-apart, such as when customers tell us that our trailers are the easiest and quickest to set up and take down; when drivers tell us that our trailers are lighter, easier to pull and because our overall length is less than our competitors, we’re easier to manoeuver and position at site; when service technicians who service competitive units tell us that we have fewer problems and when service is necessary, repairs can be made faster at a lesser cost; and when technicians tell us that our trailers are pleasant to work in with more room, relaxing colours, plenty of storage and efficient patient access.