Mobile dental units

Medical Coaches has been designing and building mobile dental clinics since our inception. We pioneered the customisation of dental equipment for mobile applications with the Ritter Dental Corporation in the 1950s.

Since that time Medical Coaches has continually improved our mobile dental clinics based on our own engineering and manufacturing research and development along with the recommendations of our many customers.

As a custom manufacturer, Medical Coaches can build a mobile dental clinic to meet your particular programme requirements.

Mobile dental units are available in one, two, three and four chair models.

The smaller models can be constructed on a four-wheel-drive chassis where off-road travel may be necessary. Building a complex dental operatory in a mobile unit takes special talent and experience.

Equipment must be properly secured to be protected from road shock and vibration, water and air lines must not leak, wall-mounted x-ray and lights must not fall off in-transit, on-board power generators cannot make too much noise and / or vibration, and equipment must be properly placed to insure there is adequate space for dentists and technicians to operate. Medical Coaches has done all of this and more.

Trailers are also available in a variety of configurations. Trailer models can range from the smaller, one-chair clinics, up to multi-chair clinics that can be used for exam and cleaning, as well as dental surgery. Trailers are an ideal solution in countries that prefer to use locally serviced towing tractors.

Medical Coaches can install the dental equipment of your choice within any of our clinics. The equipment can be provided by the customer, or we can purchase the dental equipment in accordance with customer requirements.

Tapping plates, along with electrical and plumbing connections are installed to insure proper installation of the equipment. We are experts at insuring your dental equipment will work for many years, regardless of the stress from mobile transport.