Blaschke has been a leader in the field of heavy, impermeable personal NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection for over 30 years. Our main products are heavy impermeable protective suits with ventilation, casualty bags for contaminated and not contaminated patients with ventilation, and ventilator units for protective suits and casualty bags.

We also supply body bags for contaminated corpses, NBC-resistant gas and water-tight transport bags and rucksacks, as well as sample collecting sets and collecting troughs. All our products are strong, long-lasting and easy to be decontaminated for re-use.

NBC protective suits for the defence industry

Our NBC protective suits come in different variants especially designed for decontamination, detection, reconnaissance, rescue, medical and laboratory work. All our suits are equipped with our ventilating and air distribution system for long working periods of up to four hours, even in hot climates.

Our suits are produced in different variants as there are one-part suits, two-part suits, with an integrated mask or with an integrated screen in accordance to the working fields they are for, as well as to the users request.

One part NBC protective suit type ABC-92 with ventilating unit SAB-87 for decontamination, detection and rescue work.
One part NBC protective suit type ABC-LAB with ventilating unit SAB-93 for laboratory work and medical personnel.
NBC casualty bag type VBS-K-3/6 for the transport of contaminated casualties with three windows, six insertion gloves and four feed throughs.
NBC ventilation unit designed for standard NBC respirator filters and powered by LR 20 or NC-batteries.
The ABC 100 is a one-part NBC-protective suit with air distribution system. Uniform air-distribution is regulated by seven fouling protected outlet valves.
NBC resistant frogman rucksack type JB-FR-85.

NBC casualty bags for military applications

The Blaschke NBC casualty bags are available in different variants for a variety of roles such as the transport of non-contaminated patients to protect them from contamination, the transport of contaminated patients, and nursery bags for the transportation of infected infants.

Our casualty bags can be equipped with insertion gloves and feed through for drop, oxygen and so on. Our casualty bags can also come in a gastight variant with inlet air filtering, as well as outlet air filtration. We can also offer ventilated casualty half-bags for patients who are able to walk.

Durable NBC ventilation units

Blaschke NBC ventilation units are designed for standard NBC respirator filters. All units are made of metal for durability and ease of decontamination. They are powered by standard LR 20 or NC-batteries.

NBC body bags to prevent contamination

The Blaschke NBC body bag is designed for the transport and storage of contaminated dead bodies to protect the transport personnel and the environment from dangerous NBC agents. With the possibility to mount filters to hinder burst during air transport in case of an explosive pressure drop, it fulfils the IATA regulations for air transport.

NBC-resistant transport bags and frogman rucksacks

The Blaschke NBC resistant transport and carrying bags as well as our NBC resistant frogman rucksacks are available in different standard sizes as well as customised on users request. The rucksacks can be equipped with a mouth inflating valve as well as with automatic inflating and deflating valves.

NBC resistant water tanks for the defence industry

The Blaschke NBC resistant water tanks are in standard pillow tanks with a capacity from 500l to 50,000l. They are easily decontaminated for the storage and protection of raw water and contaminated wastewater.