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Surveillance Systems, Counter-UAV Solutions, and Remotely Operated Weapon Systems

IEC Infrared Systems (IEC), in cooperation with Precision Remotes, designs and manufactures advanced ground surveillance systems along with Remotely Operated Weapon Systems (ROWS) and Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS). IEC customers include high-security facilities and military agencies.

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IEC Infrared Systems (IEC) specialises in the design, development, and manufacture of thermal and infrared imaging surveillance systems for the defence industry.

We have established a reputation as an industry leader in imaging systems, non-imaging sensors, and supporting subsystems.

IEC’s products have the ability to detect, identify, and react to potential threats with optimal precision and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for a range of defence requirements.

Banshee Intruder Deterrence
Banshee Intruder Deterrence
Lycan Counter-UAS
Lycan Counter-UAS
Raptor Radar-Guided EO/IR Surveillance
Raptor Radar-Guided EO/IR Surveillance
T360 ROWS Tactical
WereWolf Long-Range EO/IR Surveillance
WereWolf EO/IR Surveillance

Our experienced in-house mechanical, electrical, and software professionals are capable of designing state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras and infrared equipment for even the most demanding of client requirements.

Innovative, customisable imaging solutions for military applications

IEC’s products are fully customisable, making them suitable for applications ranging from government defence solutions to general threat detection and site security.

Our commitment to consistent innovation and technological advances in the thermal imaging and infrared systems industry has ensured we remain ahead of the competition.

All of our products are made in the US and have been instrumental in helping to protect military and defence organisation across the world for many years.

Counter UAV and drone solutions for defence requirements

Rapid advances in technology means that drones and other types of unmanned aircraft vehicles have emerged as legitimate threats to government organisations, as well as secure zones and facilities.

IEC’s counter UAS technologies and counter-drone systems help mitigate and defeat unmanned aerial vehicles before they can cause serious damage to sites or civilians. IEC utilises state-of-the-art drone detection cameras and jammer technology to create a strong CUAS defence system.

Long-range imaging systems to detect military threats

IEC offers long-range thermal imaging systems that have the ability to detect and track potential threats in all conditions.

Our thermal imaging cameras are easy-to-operate, providing wide-area surveillance for consistent protection and situational awareness. IEC thermal imaging surveillance systems are the perfect solution for many military and environmental applications.

Remotely operated weapons stations for surveillance operations

IEC manufactures an integrated remotely operated weapon station (ROWS) with highly effective target surveillance and engagement features.

The ROWS system has the capability to be a stand-alone or integrated security and protection solution for a variety of applications. IEC’s primary Trap T360 ROWS system is a lightweight solution that can be operated both remotely and manually.

Integrated imaging and defence systems

Many of IEC’s primary products can be combined to create a complete, integrated surveillance system.

IEC offers integrated imaging and remote weapons systems for areas where threat detection and tracking is not enough, helping to both respond and defeat potential threats and intrusions with optimal precision.

Systems for enhanced operations awareness on the battlefield

IEC’s IntrudIR Alert is a simple to use middleware, combining all of IEC’s camera systems, sensors, radars, and other products to create one simple remote operation station for your whole surveillance system.

The middleware can be fully controlled from one work station with only a single operator, allowing for complete awareness and excellent response time on the ground.

White Papers

  • Imaging Tasks

    When someone asks about an imaging system, one of the first questions usually asked is “How far can it see?” While this seems like an easy question, the answer is a little more involved than one might think.

  • Digital Zoom vs Optical Zoom: What’s the Difference?

    What is the difference between digital zoom vs optical zoom for an imaging system? This is a question that some users ask; while all experts agree that optical zoom is much better and more effective, some may have a hard time explaining why.

  • Positioner Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution

    Positioners are a crucial part of an imaging system; the ability to aim the imager effectively and efficiently can be the difference between the finding the target on the first try or missing the target and having to hunt for it - an experience which can lead to mission failure in certain circumstances and is at least very frustrating.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Lycan Counter UAS

    The Lycan CUAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial System) detects, tracks, and mitigates unmanned aircraft systems that are currently being used to surveil, target, and attack military or commercial installations.

  • Banshee Active Denial Threat Mitigation System

    IEC’s Banshee system is a mid to long-range, radar-guided camera and threat mitigation system that lets friendly forces monitor very large areas for intruders or enemy forces. The mid or long-range radars give wide area detection of people or vehicles over a 360o area at ranges from 500m to 12km for people, and 1500m to 20 km for vehicles.

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