IEC’s Raptor, aptly named after birds of prey with exceptional long-range eyesight, is a long-range, radar-guided camera system that allows friendly forces to monitor very large areas for intruders or enemy forces. Detection capabilities over a 360-degree area will range from 12 km for people and up to 20 km for vehicles.

After detecting a target, Raptor cues thermal and visual cameras to the target’s geolocation, using built-in DTED (digital elevation terrain data). Camera aiming is controlled by either an automatic slew-to-cue capability, or manually by the operator using a point-and-click interface.

The Raptor system can be installed on a trailer-mounted tower so it can be easily moved, or it can be permanently mounted. The system is easy-to-use and uses software that can communicate with other systems if needed.

Target Detection and Assessment

Detection of ground targets is completed using long-range, K-Band, or X-Band ground surveillance radar (choice of radar is driven by mission specifics and desired range). Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) can be added to the system to provide local detection in areas where terrain variations cause blind spots to radar detection. The system includes user-selectable heuristics to prioritize targets, to help the operator determine which targets are the most important to examine.

Ease of Integration

Raptor comes with its own C2 system which can be integrated with other C2 systems. Control and configuration are managed by one interface on one workstation by a single operator.

Ability to Evolve

As threats change and new sensor technologies emerge, Raptor’s modular architecture enables easy replacement and/or addition of system components.