Are you looking for a cutting-edge, versatile, and powerful remotely operated weapon system? Look no further than the T360 Tactical, the ultimate solution for your defence and security needs.

The T360 is a lightweight, stabilized, and modular platform that can mount standard unmodified M240 or LWMMG .338 machine guns and can be deployed on vehicles, robots, helicopters, or boats. The T360 allows you to control the weapon from a safe distance using our innovative handheld Rugged Controller Unit (RCU). Please watch this video for more information.

The T360 is the best choice for your mission, whether it is protecting a critical facility, patrolling a hostile area, or engaging a target with precision and accuracy. Don’t settle for less; get the T360 Tactical today and experience the difference.

Tactically Flexible

When the mission changes, T360 moves easily from one position to another. Its self-contained, modular design allows for fast, easy mounting on tripods, pickup trucks, and MRZR. T360 uses existing weapons without modification. You do not lose use of your weapon if the ROWS loses power. Simply pull the azimuth release and the elevation release lever which then allows the T360 weapon to be aimed and fired manually. The weapon can also be quickly removed from the T360 if complete detachment is required.

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T360 Features

  • Remote or manual operation
  • Weapons are installed without tools or modification.
  • A full T360 system can be assembled or disassembled by a single person
  • Built-in day camera, thermal imager, and laser rangefinder
  • Ballistic aim point adjusts for range, ammunition, and parallax
  • “No Fire” zones can be physically defined or set in the software
  • Elevation range 20° down and 60° up
  • Firing modes include semi-automatic, three-round burst, and full auto
  • Rugged Controller Unit (RCU) to control weapon and camera systems
  • RCU features: 8in LCD display (1280 x 800), Ammo Counter, Night Mode, Video Output, Reticle mil-dots, and 1 mrad dots. Up to eight hours battery-powered runtime.