Koza Construction and Defense Industry Weapons Training Facilities and Firing Ranges for Military Applications

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Koza Construction and Defense Industry supplies training centres and shooting ranges to military, police, and special forces, offering a number of alternative solutions for specific purposes.

Military training centres and shooting ranges

For the last five years, Koza has been the market leader in delivering weapons training facilities to some of the most advanced and elite military forces.

The company provides turnkey solutions to create military training centres, training villages, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, test shooting ranges, and shoothouses.

Koza’s mission is to meet the special requirements of military forces and law enforcement organisations, to deliver a complete construction service, including:

  • Project design
  • Implementation of projects
  • Service and maintenance of all completed facilities
  • Development and delivery of projects using the latest technologies

Training centres and complexes for armed forces

Koza’s team of professionals are highly experienced in providing turnkey military training centre projects.

The company’s engineers, architects and construction staff develop training centres according to the client’s budget, demand and type of training being performed, to meet the needs of its most elite customers.

Koza’s military training centres offer many options for amenities, such as buildings specifically to perform:

  • Check in / check out control
  • Protection and sleeping quarters
  • Guest accommodation
  • Administration
  • Infirmary
  • Engineering
  • Training
  • Indoor sport facilities
  • Armoury

Indoor, outdoor and interactive shooting ranges

Koza is one of the most specialised companies in the world, offering complete indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Depending on the customer’s training programmes, Koza will design the shooting range, build the facility, train staff, and provide after-sales services.

The indoor shooting ranges use the latest target systems and technologies available. Health and safety is the most important aspect of project design, so the best solutions for air ventilation systems, isolation and bullet trap systems are offered.

For all Koza shooting ranges, training is managed from a control room, and all results and information are archived for future practice sessions.

Training villages for armed forces

Koza manufactures training villages for armed forces to teach about weapons and warfare scenarios in realistic environments.

The company builds simulated villages from a light-steel construction, and customises them to contain any type of buildings required, such as houses, shopping centres, or schools.

These hi-tech Koza training villages enable participants to learn using real or laser weapons. All activities are controlled from a command and control centre.

Shoothouse facilities for close-quarter practice

Koza designs and builds shoothouses for armed forces to practice close quarter skills.

The shoothouses’ armoured steel walls mean that trainees can safely use any kind of real weapon. The walls can be movable, so enable different configurations and numbers of rooms, according to the training programme.

Koza’s shoothouses are also available with interactive systems or pop-up/rotary targets, to make the experience more realistic and valuable.

Ballistic shooting ranges

Koza test shooting ranges help organisations check the quality of weapons and any type of bullet.

The company designs test shooting ranges for the end-user to examine bullet characteristics, such as the velocity, pressure and aim.

About Koza Construction and Defense Industry

Koza Construction and Defense Industry was established in 1991, and serves clients from a main office in Istanbul, Turkey, and a branch in Baku, Azerbaijan.

To date, the company has completed many turnkey military projects in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkmenistan.

Koza has achieved many accreditations, including the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification and TSE Quality Certification. This focus on providing the most beneficial and economical solutions ensures that each client’s satisfaction is put first.

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Koza is one of the most specialised companies in the world, offering complete indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.


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Press Release

14 March 2017

Koza has launched our new customer website at www.kozateknik.com.

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