koza construction

Koza Construction and Defense Industry supplies training centers and shooting ranges to military, police, and special forces, offering a number of alternative solutions for specific purposes.

Military training centres and shooting ranges

For the last five years, Koza has been the market leader in delivering weapons training facilities to some of the most advanced and elite military forces.

The company provides turnkey solutions to create military training centres, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, Ballistic Test Ranges, and Urban Operations Training Centers.

Koza’s mission is to meet the special requirements of military forces and law enforcement organisations, to deliver a complete construction service, including:

Koza produces state-of-the-art indoor firing ranges for pistol and rifle trainings from 10m to 300m. Health and security of shooters is a top priority, and any kind of target systems can be used.
Indoor ballistic ranges test the velocity, accuraccy and pressure of bullets before being used in real-life scenarios.
Koza’s interactive shooting ranges are offered for live or laser fire with either basic or custom-made training scenarios. Shooters can use a shotback system to learn how to hide and shoot in real-time.
Koza uses the highest quality ventilation systems to keep shooting ranges clear from gunpowder gas. The ceiling and back bullet traps give the best security, and the fireproof pyramid rubber isolation system prevents noise.
Semi-open shooting ranges are available as turnkey constructions to the required number of lanes, lengths, and target systems.
  • Project design
  • Implementation of projects
  • Service and maintenance of all completed facilities
  • Development and delivery of projects using the latest technologies

Training centers and complexes for armed forces

Koza’s team of professionals are highly experienced in providing turnkey military training centre projects.

The company’s engineers, architects and construction staff develop training centres according to the client’s budget, demand and type of training being performed, to meet the needs of its most elite customers.

Koza’s military training centers offer many options for amenities, such as buildings specifically to perform:

  • Check in / check out control
  • Protection and sleeping quarters
  • Guest accommodation
  • Administration
  • Infirmary
  • Engineering
  • Training
  • Indoor sport facilities
  • Armory

Indoor, outdoor and interactive shooting ranges

Koza is one of the most specialised companies in the world, offering complete indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Depending on the customer’s training programs, Koza will design the shooting range, build the facility, train staff, and provide after-sales services.

The indoor shooting ranges use the latest target systems and technologies available. Health and safety are the most important aspect of project design, so the best solutions for air ventilation systems, isolation and bullet trap systems are offered.

For all Koza shooting ranges, training is managed from a control room, and all results and information are archived for future practice sessions.

Urban Operations Training Centres for armed forces

Koza in collaboration with LACS System manufactures Urban Operations Training Centers for Elite Troops in Military and Law Enforcement.

Koza’s Urban Operation Training Center concept contains different types of simulative buildings, such as houses, shopping centres, or schools with high-tech IP Networking and Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Training sessions in the Urban Operations Training Center are performed with patented LACS (Laser Advanced Combat System) Technology and all training activities are controlled from a Command and Control Center Building.

LACS (Laser Advanced Combat System) is a Live Combat Training System developed with latest laser & software technologies, which is applicable to weapons and targets, and it’s dedicated to the operators in law enforcement and the military sector.

The use of newest technological solutions, like the double-laser system or the vibration-triggered laser emission system also enabled the correction of typical shortcomings of laser simulation systems known so far.

Operators can participate to training with their own service weapons (handguns & rifles), with LACS laser emitters installed. Besides Operators, vehicles such as Helicopters, Tanks, IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) can participate in LACS training with a special LACS VES (Vehicle Engagement System) Setup.

Patented LACS laser emitters, LACS Anti-Vehicle weapon simulators and LACS sniper rifle simulators can be used in training, instead of bullets, larger rounds, or anti-tank missiles.

Laser emitters and Sensors together, can simulate the ballistic impact and shooting precision of real weapons and bullets via adjustable spot dimension. Infield exercises, LACS can trigger battlefield effect simulators, smoke devices, booby traps, IED Suicide Vests mounted on potential targets to add realism to a field exercise.

All events during training are recorded to the Tactical Operation Center (TOC) Servers in the Data Center located in Command and Control Building, on an event timeline which is integrated with GPS Map and 3D indoor plans, including location information of the operators, CCTV feeds from the training area and from the body cameras of participating operators.

These records collected on the servers following the training, detailed analyses, statistical data, and user scorecards are combined and shared extensively with participating teams and other interested persons in the After-Action Review (AAR) Sessions. After-Action Review (AAR) also includes comprehensive analysis of weapon firing, accuracy and camera recordings of the event.