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Virtual Firearm Training and Simulation

Laser Shot develops state-of-the-art virtual firearm training and simulations for the defence industry.

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Laser Shot develops state-of-the-art virtual firearm training and simulations for the defence industry.

Laser Shot’s solutions are specially designed to provide an alternative, affordable, and highly realistic training solution for a wide range of military and law enforcement requirements.

The company’s simulators lead the market for their MIL-SPEC durability, enhanced performance and added options, utilising enterprise-level courseware for battlefield simulations and qualification drills for all services.

Virtual firearm training for defence applications

Laser Shot’s training solutions feature technology that has been designed and developed with direction by military experts.

Laser Shot supplies some of the most advanced virtual training solutions available on the market.
Laser Shot's Simulated M22 Binoculars
The company's Simulated Recoil MK19 + Portable Turret is ideal for military training exercises.
Laser Shot has extensive experience in the development of virtual firearm simulation.
Solutions are designed to be highly realistic and simulate real-life battlefield environments.
Laser Shot’s Mobile Marksmanship Training Simulator is one of the most cutting-edge solutions available on the market.
Laser Shot’s Mobile Live-Fire Range Solution is suitable for a wide range of industry requirements.
Laser Shot's Modular Range
Laser Shot's Warrior Skills Trainer (WST)

Our live-fire range division, Shooting Range Technologies, is a leading authority on live-fire range design, fabrication and equipment. SRT personnel have more than 70 years of combined industry experience and are uniquely qualified to complete range projects on time and within budget.

Cutting-edge shooting range technology for military exercises

Laser Shot uses the most advanced computer-aided design technology available and operates some of the largest computer driven dual-head water jet cutting machines in North America.

SRT has over 15 years of experience in the design, fabrication and equipping of specialised, 360° containment / zero SDZ live-fire shooting range. Ranges are often outfitted with Laser Shot virtual simulators, which offer the most realistic training experience for military personnel.

Realistic simulated weapons for military training

Detail is key to the full-spectrum immersive simulator experience, from the vivid HD projection system to the true-to-life look, feel, and function of Laser Shot simulated weapons.

The Laser Shot team of software engineers, live-fire range specialists and firearm engineers provide virtual training solutions to the US Military and its allies while strictly adhering to training doctrine.

Laser Shot’s simulators benefit from industry-leading setup time, a small footprint, and the most options utilised by every branch of the US Military. These systems are designed from the ground up for ease-of-use with no contractor support required.

About Laser Shot

Laser Shot was founded in 1999 and has established a reputation in the industry for its reliable and cutting-edge military solutions.

We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who can offer advice and expertise on military training solutions and simulations.

For additional information on LaserShot and the products on offer, please contact the company today by filling out the enquiry form on this page.

White Papers

  • Laser Shot Product Catalogue

    Laser Shot has developed cutting-edge virtual firearm training and simulations since 1999. The key to the full-spectrum immersive experience is the attention to detail dedicated to every aspect of the simulator – from the vivid HD projection system to the true-to-life look, feel, and function of Laser Shot simulated weapons.


  • WST Fort Knox Installation

    The US Army Reserve Command has adopted Laser Shot Simulations to enhance and increase readiness performance through individual, crew, section, platoon, and company maneuver battle drills and gunnery qualifications.

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United States of America

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