Laser Shot Product Catalogue

Laser Shot has developed cutting-edge virtual firearm training and simulations since 1999. The key to the full-spectrum immersive experience is the attention to detail dedicated to every aspect of the simulator – from the vivid HD projection system to the true-to-life look, feel, and function of Laser Shot simulated weapons. The Laser Shot team of software engineers, live-fire range specialists, and firearm engineers provide virtual training solutions to all services of the US and allied foreign militaries while strictly adhering to training doctrine.

Laser Shot simulators feature the smallest footprint, fastest setup time, and most options in the industry and are utilized by every branch of the US Military. These systems are designed from the ground up for ease-ofuse by the end user with no contractor support required. The following summarized list of products and services will serve to demonstrate how Laser Shot represents a low-risk, best-value solution to the training needs of modern fighting forces.