Öztürk manufactures reliable container systems for the mining, construction, military, and energy sectors.

The company was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984 and benefits from a 40.500m² area for production, with the capacity to produce 500 units per month.

Our product range includes: FlatPack camp containers, ISO containers, prefabricated steel buildings, GSM shelters, skid mounted containers, coldroom containers and custom-built military containers.

Areas of Service:

  • Mine-works camps
  • Military camps
  • Construction site camps
  • Oil and gas projects site camps
  • Refugee camps

Demountable accommodation containers for the military

Ozturk produces durable and high quality FlatPack and demountable containers. Our containers are designed to be rapidly erected through advanced solutions and technologies, making them ideal for military and defence industry requirements.

With a total quality concept based on unlimited customer satisfaction, Ozturk offers unlimited support services at every level.

A key advantage of our solutions is that they may be disassembled, carried and erected elsewhere several times. This means that they are the ideal choice to face emergency conditions or situations requiring temporary solutions.

Containers and housing camps for the defence sector

Ozturk Container manufactures FlatPack / demountable containers for the military camps, work site camps and other purposes in all around the world.

The company manufactures and offers Military Housing Camps for the camp projects. A vast amount of experience has been built over the years due to the amount of projects that we have undertaken.

We have the ability to build custom-built living accommodations, such as sleeping units, offices, support units, fully equipped kitchen units, laundries, clinics, water treatment portable units, generator container units, freezer units and many more.

Key advantages of demountable accommodation containers

  • Produced by highly isolated polyurethane sandwich panels
  • 8 units can be loaded onto a TIR Truck or 6 units into a 40 Hc Shipping container
  • Wc/shower-Bathroom facilities can be provided in the containers
  • Each flatpack accommodation container can be assembled in only 30 minutes
  • All necessary furniture, including a bed, chair and cupboard, can be provided in the containers.
  • Our long-term accommodation containers can be connected together to provide space for many people to live.
  • Certified procedures, a few moves, and a screwed cabin will turn into a FlatPack.

Custom-built ISO containers

Ozturk is an experienced manufacturer providing a series of container products with independent intellectual property. Our products have entered into Europe, the Middle East, South America and Africa’s global logistic systems.

Ozturk container can manufacture Custom built ISO containers for a wide range of military requirements. The company’s ISO container solutions are manufactured for many different customers, including the Turkish, US and British armies, NATO, and UN peace keepers.

The majority of our containers for military applications are built in 20ft and 40ft sizes, which can be transported by ship, truck, rail or plane. Standard sizes we supply include 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 40ft and 45ft.

Our ISO type accommodation containers are designed and proven for use in temperatures ranging from -30°C and 80°C. They can be equipped with Furniture, A/C, and water heaters. Ozturk’s ISO containers are also plug and play and CSC plated.