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Caretta Technology

Waterjet Robotic Demilitarisation Systems

Caretta Technology is an Italian company that has worked in the field of projecting and building of cutting machines for more than 20 years.

Via Veneto 39/41 – 36030 Sarcedo (VI),


Caretta Technology is an Italian company that has worked in the field of projecting and building of cutting machines for more than 20 years. The main technologies designed and produced within Caretta’s own manufacturing facilities include: water-jet machines, plasma machines and laser machines.

Manual and automatic armaments

The experience, the know-how, the research and the development of our company and staff enables Caretta to engage in the defence industry by designing and manufacturing manual and automatic armaments for demilitarisation facilities with water-jet cutting systems, cryogenic, steam and hot water.

High-pressure technology solutions for conventional ammunition disposal

A joint effort between Caretta Technology’s demilitarisation department and its research and development branch has resulted in the construction of a user-friendly system which is able to apply the concept of high-pressure technology from 500bar to 6000bar used in cleaning and cutting to explosive removal, recycling or disposal of all conventional ammunition.

Minimising demil method effects through recycling processes

Traditional ‘demil methods’ (dumping, burning and detonation) are ineffective and banned in many countries due to the environmental damage caused.

Caretta Technology understands the dangers and lasting impact on the environment these conventional solutions create, which is why our staff is working towards a recycling process solution that will save costs and minimise all emissions to air and water.

Explosives handling of First and Second World War ammunition

Caretta Technology’s demilitarisation division has a lot of experience with militaries in safely containing and detonating First and Second World War ammunition, from small arms to large torpedoes, bombs, aerial bombs, naval mines, depth charges, anti-tank mines, anti-personnel mines, rockets/missiles including cluster munitions for armed forces and defense industry.

We use cryogenic technology to freeze ammunition and / or its components, and can also provide services for the crushing and the separation of various components.

Cutting and explosives handling machines for ministries of defence

Caretta Technology has already produced machines that are working for the Italian Ministry of Defense both for cutting and explosives handling.

Caretta Group is working for several companies located all over Europe in the demilitarisation field.

Our targets are:

  • Packaging / repackaging of ammunition in approved boxes or containers
  • Design of layout facilities
  • Logistics and complete security
  • Full responsibility in all processes
  • Recycling and reuse of energy
  • Recovery and recycling of metals
  • Advice and supply of turnkey plants demilitarisation, equipment and processes

About Caretta Technology

Caretta Technology Cutting Department, a division of the Caretta Group, provides specialised waterjet machines, waterjet cutting and water cutting machines, among others, to handle explosives and ammunitions disposal efficiently and within environmentally sustainable methods.

Caretta Technology S.r.l

Via Veneto 39/41 – 36030 Sarcedo (VI)