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Air-Conditioning, Power-Generation and Integrated Shelter Solutions for Military Applications

Beechburn Industrial Estate,
Prospect Road,
DL15 8JL County Durham,
United Kingdom

Beechburn Industrial Estate,
Prospect Road,
DL15 8JL County Durham,
United Kingdom

CMCA Group designs and manufactures ruggedised equipment for the global defence market.

We offer design, manufacture and support services for military air-conditioning units, diesel power-generation systems, and integrated shelter and containerised solutions. We provide full engineering capabilities to produce a thermal or power profile of the system, as well as design a product to support customer specific requirements.

Man-portable power-generation systems

Available in alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) and AC/DC platforms and from CE to DEF STAN 59 411 Land Class B in EMC attenuation, CMCA’s range of man-portable power-generation systems provides lightweight yet robust deployable power.

With output capacities ranging from 1kW to 3kW, our systems are proven to support artillery sensing equipment, de-mountable vehicle auxiliary power, and man-portable power for battlefield communication equipment.

Military packaged generator solutions

The military packaged generator range provides high performance and reliability in quiet and deployable space envelopes, systems are available in AC, DC and AC/DC, as well as covers a variety of voltages and frequencies, including 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz.

With output capacities between 5kW and 65kW, CMCA systems are proven in applications in camp infrastructure, forward operating bases and airfield ground support equipment in specifications up to DEF STAN 59 411 Land Class A.

CMCA’s military packaged generators are renowned for the high-quality output and reliability in compact, quiet and lightweight attenuating enclosures. The military packaged generator range includes AC and DC man-portable systems, ground deployable prime and backup power systems, vehicle auxiliary power systems and shelter integrated systems. Supporting equipment includes power distribution and transformers, as well as battery condition monitoring and charging systems.

Shelter-integrated power-generation systems

CMCA’s ruggedised shelter-integrated power-generation systems are specifically designed to integrate with ISO containerised systems. The proven concept allows for an external generator to be mounted in a free area on the end of an ISO container to provide either prime or backup power to the shelter when mains power is unavailable. The external mounting allows for a modular system and fully configurable shelter specification.

Systems are designed with space envelope constraints to allow the integration of CMCA shelter integrated air-conditioning systems, and are controlled through a single intelligent control system. CMCA’s shelter integrated power-generation systems range from 5kW to 65kW and are proven in deployable and mobile shelter applications in specifications up to DEF STAN 59 411 Land Class A.

CMCA is able to utilise the power and thermodynamic engineering expertise to provide fully integrated containerised shelter systems, covering a range of requirements, including camp infrastructure facilities, C4I and ISTAR systems and command and control systems in a turnkey operation.

Deployable military air-conditioning solutions

CMCA’s deployable military air-conditioning solutions provide mobile climate control for a range of applications, from deployable transit cases to camp infrastructure tented systems and large deployable aircraft hangars. Systems are available in rigid skid mountings or Nato towable trailers for high mobility, with cooling capacities ranging from 1kW to 29kW. The high performance and reliability of the systems are suitable for rigid wall shelter systems as a retrofitted plug-and-play solution, where other platforms simply fail in extreme environments.

CMCA’s military air-conditioning products include electronic transit case climate control, free-standing platforms for tentage systems and shelter integrated systems, including internally or externally mounted and split systems. Along with supporting hardware such as air distribution systems, dehumidification systems and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems, CMCA can independently support all climate control requirements.

Shelter-integrated air-conditioning systems

The ruggedised shelter-integrated air-conditioning systems provide climate control to deployable and mobile shelter applications catering for both operator and equipment cooling requirements. Systems support CBRN requirements and are scalable up to DEF STAN 59 411 Land Class A. Cooling capacities range from 4.5kW to 29kW and the units are controlled through a remote intelligent control system, allowing multiple systems to be controlled through a single controller, including CMCA power-generation systems.

About CMCA

CMCA has been at the forefront of defence infrastructure, deployable equipment and integrated equipment programmes since 1998, providing first-class project management, technical support and specialist equipment to the meet the requirements of modern warfare supporting land, sea and air operations.

As a leading UK manufacturer, we have built up a wide-ranging, robust product range proven to operate in the most challenging conditions. Systems are designed around a scalable and modular design ethos, allowing them to be easily configured to customer requirements. The unrivalled flexibility allows systems to be scaled from CE compliance up to Def Stan 59 411 land class A in EMC attenuation, providing the most optimum and cost-effective solutions.

To fully support customer requirements and in-service equipment, CMCA provides an international installation, training and support capability for any air-conditioning, power generation or shelter system worldwide. With global strategic partners and engineers, CMCA is able to provide instrument landing systems (ILS), cable landing stations (CLS) and complete life support packages.

Innovative Solutions For Extreme Environments

Since its formation in 1998, CMCA has built an enviable global reputation for the provision of high performance, reliable climate, power and shelter solutions capable of operating in the most extreme environments.

CMCA Secures Extended Support for Thales Tactical Air Control Centre

In 2014, Thales approached CMCA for the support and upgrade of the tactical air control centre deployable shelter systems. The scope included maintaining the mechanical integrity of the deployable shelters and upgrading the air conditioning systems, as well as the upgrade and maintenance of the three deployable standby generator systems.


Beechburn Industrial Estate

Prospect Road


DL15 8JL

County Durham

United Kingdom