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Unmanned System Integration and Thermal Imaging Technology

TeAx Technology (TeAx) provides thermal imaging technology and special system integration for the military sector.

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TeAx Technology (TeAx) provides thermal imaging technology and special system integration for the military sector.

The company offers comprehensive knowledge and experience within embedded systems, remote sensing, sensor development and sensor data fusion, as well as system and special payload integration.

Lightweight thermal imaging solutions

In 2013, TeAx developed their ThermalCapture line, which is based on forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal sensors. Over the years, multiple products for the global thermal drone market were manufactured.

The company is known for lightweight and small thermal imaging solutions for drones and established clients worldwide. Its solutions are highly customisable for client requirements and compatible with a wide range of drones.

TeAx's autonomous mobile outdoor robot (AMOR) was first established between 2007 and 2010.
The ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom is a fully aligned dual camera for daylight and thermal imaging.
TeAx offers leading radiometric data solutions for military and commercial applications.

Autonomous mobile outdoor robot (AMOR)

In 2007-2010, engineers from TeAx were involved in developing a complete autonomous mobile outdoor robot (AMOR).

Based on a Yamaha quad bike, the engineers added multiple sensors such as lasers and fusion all data. In addition to driving completely autonomously both on and off-road, the system was also capable of tracking and following objects. As a result, the team won the ELROB competition in Switzerland in 2007, and an innovation award in 2010.

AirShield drone swarming project for disaster management

Based on four small drones, engineers from TeAx participated in a project to autonomously detect and track airborne toxins in case of a disaster such as a fire.

In 2009, drones were remotely controlled so the company was challenged to implement a swarming behaviour to the four drone systems, including collision avoidance.

The gas detection sensor also had to control the drone based on its measurements. The team accomplished a full autonomous drone solution, operating four airborne drones independently. The research project successfully accomplished its mission and requirements.

Ground-air-collaboration autonomous systems management

One of the most challenging and innovative research projects for TeAx engineers to be involved with was the management of a fully autonomous system, comprising the control of multiple ground robots and drones by a single, remotely placed operator.

One key challenge was to ensure a single language all robots could understand, so control and communication were created and ensured via a private 3G network. Since this was in cooperation with German forces, NATO battle management language had to be used on the software interface.

From research into commercial business

After years at universities and research in autonomous, real-time learning systems, the team decided to move on, creating an engineering company focusing on unmanned system integration.

From 2013 until today, multiple projects with leading drone manufactures have been successfully carried out. Amongst others, projects have been related to ground control software, special sensors integration, ground control stations, landing assistants and many others. Engineers of TeAx still support clients on very specific developments, mainly related to very special software and/or hardware developments.

Thermal imaging technology

Recognising in 2013 that there were no light solutions for small drones in regards of thermal imaging technology, engineers from TeAx Technology quickly started to have a look into this and came up with their ThermalCapture line, which is based on FLIR thermal sensors.

Over the years, a comprehensive expertise was developed, leading into multiple products from TeAx for the global thermal drone market. These days, TeAx Technology is known for lightweight and small thermal imaging solutions for drones and established clients around the world. Clients appreciate TeAx solutions for being highly customisable to actual needs of end clients and agnostic to drones in any regard.

Intelligent electro-optic infrared (EOIR) cameras

With its latest drone thermal camera solution, TeAx offers a fully aligned dual camera for both daylight and thermal imaging called ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom.

It provides transparent overlay capabilities and a 10x optical zoom. All data is stored on the system while the operator can control the solution in real-time.

In addition, the ThermalCapture Smart+ add-on provides real-time access to both sensor data so intelligent algorithms can be deployed up in the air, enabling real-time operations.

Radiometric processing capabilities

The demand for real radiometric data and its processing in either real-time or post-processing is strongly increasing, with only a small number of solutions available. TeAx is integrated into the most leading solutions that complement its hardware and software.

By providing either software development kits (SDKs) or the free ThermoViewer pre-post-processing software, clients continuously benefit from new features and can use TeAx solutions, for example, to perform regular inspections of district heating in an urban environment. Pipelines are buried down to 1m below the surface.

About TeAx Technology

German-based TeAx Technology specialises in holistic and complex unmanned solutions such as swarming and ground-to-air cooperation. Since 2013, the company has provided technologies to some of the largest organisations and government entities worldwide.

Since 2007, TeAx has been involved in autonomous robotic research, as well as active in several research projects involving ground, air and ground-to-air robots.

The company has also created an engineering company focusing on unmanned system integration. From 2013, multiple projects with leading drone manufacturers have been successfully carried out. These have been related to ground control software and stations, special sensors integration, landing assistants and many others.

TeAx engineers support clients with specific developments related to highly advanced software and/or hardware.

White Papers

  • Case Study for ZARM – with ThermalCapture 640

    In combination with the FLIR Tau 2 640 infrared camera the TeAx ThermalCapture system is used to investigate the pyrolysis front propagation velocity of surface-structured PMMA samples at the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM).

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Products & services

  • ThermalCapture Smart+

    ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom and ThermalCapture Smart+ combined are an EOIR system especially designed for the global drone industry.

  • ThermalCapture IRnet

    Designed for FLIR Tau 2 and FLIR Vue Pro / R cores, ThermalCapture IRnet brings real-time access in drone flight operations to thermal imaging data.

  • ThermalCapture Grabber USB

    ThermalCapture Grabber USB brings the raw data stream from your TAU Core to your PC or embedded system in real time.

  • ThermalCapture MiniAV

    ThermalCapture MiniAV is the thermal imaging camera you need for UAV operations if size and weight are your main restrictions.

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