Designed for FLIR Tau 2 and FLIR Vue Pro / R cores, ThermalCapture IRnet brings real-time access in drone flight operations to thermal imaging data.

Next to real-time access, it also stores the full 14bit radiometric thermal data on a microSD card. Real-time access remains available whilst radiometric data is recorded to the microSD card and operators can also control the camera and settings via Ethernet.

Key features include:

  • 264 live (real-time) streaming
  • Radiometric thermal data recorder (storage to microSD)
  • Controllable camera settings via network in real time
  • Access to recordings via network, even during recording process
  • Thermal digital zoom during live streaming
  • Compatible with FLIR Tau 2, FLIR Vue Pro / R
  • Most lightweight and smallest solution in the drone market
  • Special features for ‘Advanced User’ such as configuring video settings, access to Ubuntu / Linux, C++ SDK
  • Powerful processor (i.mx6)

The IRnet is also customisable for special client requests.