ThermalCapture MiniAV is the thermal imaging camera you need for UAV operations if size and weight are your main restrictions. It is light enough to be added to each existing camera solution on board of your UAV and provides live PAL or NTSC analogue thermal videos.

With just 5g of hardware it provides a clear 160 x 120 pixel resolution with an update rate of 9Hz without reducing your flight times. ThermalCapture MiniAV comes preconfigured to be used out-of-the-box. For more advanced scenarios predefined colour palettes can be adjusted, or user-defined ones can be uploaded.

Key features include:

  • Super light: Lightest thermal camera on the market
  • Super compact: Incredibly small dimensions
  • Live view: Provides analogue video output (PAL / NTSC)
  • Colour palettes: Multiple colour palettes available
  • Housing: A housing optionally is available
  • Shutter: Includes shutter for optimal image quality
  • Any drone: Ready to use on any drone