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Runflat Systems

TSS International BV specialises in civilian and paramilitary vehicle safety solutions for the defence sector.

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TSS International BV, based in the Netherlands, are experts and world leaders in civilian and paramilitary vehicle safety solutions based on the slogan: Armour Mobility. These solutions include, but are not limited to, runflat systems for armoured vehicles. Several of TSS’ products have been tested and approved by TüV in Germany and all runflat systems comply to the Finabel 20.A.5 and/or the A.20.A standards.

Runflat Systems

The purpose of a runflat system is to let a vehicle get to safety by enabling it to be driven with one or more deflated tyres over a certain distance. A runflat system provides mobility in situations in which standing still is not an option by extending the life of the tyre in deflated mode. This is accomplished by supporting the tyre-tread so the wheel rims do not damage the sidewalls. The runflat system is mounted securely on the rim inside the tyre and is only in contact with the tyre when it is deflated. A runflat system is not a replacement or a substitute for a tyre.

When the tyres of your vehicle are fully inflated, runflat systems do not affect the handling of the vehicle. Their added value only becomes apparent when tyres are deflated due to damage or attacks. The proprietary material compound is strong enough to handle ballistic attacks and can support the weight of a fully armoured vehicle.

Runflat systems are designed for tubeless tyres. Balancing the wheel assembly remains a simple process after installing the runflat system. Most runflat systems can be fitted in harmony with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) of the vehicle.

TSS supplies runflat tyre systems capable of driving with two deflated tyres through mud and water, keeping full traction and vehicle control.
Runflat inserts will allow maximum protection from breakage due to their elastomer properties and resistance to ballistic attacks.
Runflat tyres are available for 14-inch to 24.5-inch diameter wheels and tyres and are easily fitted to standard wheels and tyres.
A complete after-sale runflat service kit is available upon request.
SkyDex. August 20, 2019. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

Various applications include fitment on armoured VIP limousines, armoured 4×4 vehicles, military vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, airport people movers, fire brigade crash tenders for airports, police vehicles and many more.

Runflat systems are easily fitted to standard wheels and tyres, and are available for wheels with diameters ranging from 14-inch up to 24.5in.

Heavy-duty brake systems and wheels

Armouring a vehicle can make it more difficult to control. The extra weight of protection affects the vehicle’s braking performance drastically. The original brake pads and discs will overheat and compromise the security of your vehicle. Also, the strength of the wheels has to be considered. Many wheels may break under the pressure of 4,000kg of armour. TSS International has a solution for these two problems: the combination of Heavy Duty Wheels and Heavy Duty Brake Systems will assure your armoured vehicle (payload in excess of 6,000kg) will stop just as well as, or better than a standard, non-armoured vehicle. Also, the Heavy Duty Wheels are especially designed for optimum performance with runflat systems, which means will they keep you (and your very important passengers) moving under the most hazardous of situations. Wheels, Brakes and Runflat Systems sold by TSS are all designed in coordination with each other to maximise your lifesaving mobility.

Explosion-suppressant and self-sealing fuel tanks

TSS ProtecTank® explosion-suppressant fuel tanks are converted using a flexible polyurethane (polyether) safety foam with fully open pores, composed of a skeletal network of tiny lightweight interconnecting strands which act as a three-dimensional fire screen.

OEM fuel tanks can be equipped with a specially developed fuel-swellable foam to give the maximum protection level. With this specially developed coating, leakage is limited to a few drops when the fuel tank is punctured or shot at, or after encountering other heavy impacts or attacks.

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Products & services

  • TSS Protected Fuel Tanks

    To protect the fuel tank and the source of an armoured vehicle’s mobility, it is possible to encase the fuel tank with armoured steel. This is an effective protection, but comes at a price: extra weight on an already heavy vehicle.

  • SKYDEX Convoy Deck – Blast Mats Product Line

    Energy-absorbing panels featuring SKYDEX technology have been specifically engineered to reduce tibia loads during underbody blast or repetitive shock events, reducing the chances of lower limb injury and increasing blast event survivability.

  • Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Wheels

    Due to ever increasing payloads and limited availability of suitable wheels, TSS has developed a new Heavy-Duty multi-purpose wheel, which can be fitted on various (civilian) armoured vehicles. 

  • Runflat Systems

    TSS has partnered with Rodgard since the early 1980s to provide high-quality and reliable Runflat systems for armoured vehicles, police forces, VIP transport, Cash-In-Transit and many more applications.

  • Heavy-Duty Suspension

    60 years of experience give JRZ a crucial edge in designing the right suspension product for your armoured vehicle.

  • MOV’IT Security Brake Systems

    Armoured vehicles are designed with the greatest care, and one priority: protecting the people inside it! However, this protection comes with a side-effect: extreme weight. To be able to safely stop this extreme weight the vehicle requires an extreme brake system: MOV’IT Security Brakes.

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