60 years of experience give JRZ a crucial edge in designing the right suspension product for your armoured vehicle. The added weight of the armouring package, the elevated central point of gravity, the changed weight distribution: these factors can all make it extremely different to drive an armoured car. If the wrong suspension system is installed, it can even be extremely difficult to control the vehicle through corners and aggressive acceleration & braking.

That is why JRZ Suspension Engineering and TSS International focus on high quality and the specific handling characteristics of the vehicle and its use.

Engineered in the Netherlands and manufactured in the EU, there is a strong control on quality, making JRZ a premium brand, with a wide range of possibilities and vehicle applications.

The spring / damper units have been developed by Erik Ras to operate under the most difficult conditions and have been selected for the quality and perfect handling under the most severe terrain conditions while the suspension keeps the vehicle well controlled at high speeds and high vehicle weights.

This results in:

  • Better handling
  • More traction
  • Less tyre wear
  • Higher comfort level
  • Increased stability of the vehicle body
  • Extended shock absorber service life
  • Easy spare parts traceability