Whether a vehicle is armoured or not, its ability to keep moving determines its value in an emergency situation. The ability to keep driving with one or multiple flat tyres can be the difference between life and death. TSS has partnered with Rodgard since the early 1980s to provide high-quality and reliable Runflat systems for armoured vehicles, police forces, VIP transport, Cash-In-Transit and many more applications.

When the tyre deflates, the Runflat system carries the load of the wheel and assures contact between the tyre and the road surface. It also keeps the tyre cantered on the rim, enabling acceleration, braking and cornering. All in all the Runflat allows for an extended range with flat tyres, varying from 5 to more than 100km, depending on the tyre height, the weight of the vehicle and the road conditions.

TSS International offers various types of Runflat systems and safety devices:
Rodgard Runflat systems (for OEM rims); Rodgard BPX (for TSS Heavy Duty Wheels); Hutchinson (M)VFIs (for 2- or 3-piece rims) and Rodgard SecureBands (also for OEM rims).