Combat Protective Equipment (CPE) is a ballistic protection / riot and training equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Finland. For over 30 years CPE has been the supplier of choice for NATO forces, elite national counter terrorism units, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facility personnel across the world. CPE's range of protective apparel includes overt and covert ballistic armour, riot armour, and protective gear for full-contact training.

Ballistic armour

CPE supplies the very best ballistic protection on the market today. All of our ballistic products are constructed from the strongest fabric known to man – Dyneema – which is fifteen times the strength of steel and 40% stronger than aramid. Certified to the highest ballistic protection levels in the industry, our armour provides complete protection from every small-arm found on the battlefield today, including military-grade and high-velocity rifles.

Supremely durable, CPE's body armour is tough enough to withstand multiple hits and can deflect needle penetration 100% of the time. On average, our ballistic armour offers a 10% larger area of protection than our competitors' products and redudes the threat of trauma to the wearer immeasurably.

Concealable ballistic armour

CPE also produce a range of concealable ballistic armour made from COOLMAX fabric, which increases breathability by up to 40%.

CPE’s ballistic armour.
CPE’s ballistic armour provides protection against all small arms.
CPE’s ballistic armour offers a 10% larger area of protection than competitors’ products.
CPE’s riot armour.
CPE’s protective training gear.

Riot armour

With the global political climate spiralling into a state of widespread civil unrest, CPE has been called upon to design the next generation of riot gear. Our riot armour is lightweight, quick and simple to put on, and provides protection against kicks, blows and the blunt impact trauma. It is currently used by a number of major metropolitan law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe, as well as several NATO forces. CPE's riot armour can also be provided with Nomex fire retardant upon request, and it is machine washable.

Protective training gear

CPE manufacture and supply protective gear designed to withstand the roughest of full-contact training sessions. Our suits are used daily by many satisfied law enforcement agencies in the United States, Europe, Asia and by NATO forces in Kosovo, Afganistan and Iraq. This hard contact training equipment fully protects the officer wearing it. As training aid in "use-of-force" scenarios, these systems are unmatched. As with all CPE equipment, these suits are easy to put on and take off, easy to clean and freshen between uses (and users), and are fully machine washable.

About CPE

CPE is an ISO 9001 certified company with a sterling reputation for technological superiority and top quality manufacturing. Our protective equipment continues to save lives every day in operational theaters throughout the world, offering unparalleled. Most of our products have NATO stock numbers (NSN), and can be supplied through NAMSAS.

CPE is proud to support dealers throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East.