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Hellwig und Lünenschloss

Mobile Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Filtration Systems

Hellwig und Lünenschloss GmbH specialises in the manufacturing of mobile air-conditioning units (ACU), heating, and filtration systems.

Breitenfelder Straße 28,
58285 Eggenfelden,

Breitenfelder Straße 28,
58285 Eggenfelden,

Air conditioning

Hellwig und Lünenschloss GmbH specialises in the manufacturing of mobile air-conditioning units (ACU), heating, and filtration systems.

The firm began focusing on mobile equipment and today delivers air-conditioning systems, filter systems and heaters to the automotive, rail, and military industries.

Air-conditioning, filter systems, and heaters

The company’s systems air build on a modular base, which means its systems cover cooling capacities from 2kW up to 20kW, using the same major wear parts. This makes logistics easier for users.

All systems can be equipped either with positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating elements, as well as auxiliary fuel heaters.

The firm’s products are designed for very long service intervals and high mean-time between failure (MTBF) cycles. This gives best availability and low long-time service costs to customers.

Air-conditioning systems for the military

Hellwig und Lünenschloss delivers air-conditioning systems to major defence companies, as well as to international armed forces. These include Armasuisse, German Forces, and the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH).

Systems have been delivered in several numbers to the far and Middle East market also.

ACUs with fresh air filter modules

The SKK0875 split air-conditioner has a 7.5kW cooling and 8kW heating capacity.

It is mounted on a frame with sliders making service parts easy to access. The system is powered by 400VAC and equipped with a fresh air filter module.

ACUs with frosting heaters for availability in cold conditions

The KKK 1608 is a compact ACU with integrated evaporator section, compressors and condensers.

Cooling capacity ranges from 12kW to 18kW, while the heating capacity range is from 4kW up to 12kW. A fresh air module can also be added if necessary.

Chiller SC 1003 is designed for liquid cooling of electronic equipment.

Its cooling capacity is 10kW and it comes with an integrated frosting heater that provides availability even in cold conditions.

The systems control allows operation in dependence to make electronic systems save for condensation.

Self-standing air conditioning units

The SKK0814 is a semi-redundant system with two self-standing sections.

Each section can handle up to 9kW of cooling, and 6kW of heating capacity.

The combined system covers 18kW of cooling and 12kW of heating output.

Solutions in Air Conditioning

Since our foundation in 1997 until now, we are one of the most important companies dealing with installation, service and repairing of cooling units, heating and air conditioning.

Cliontec FA3-800 Fresh Air Filtration Plant

The fresh air filtration plant Cliontec FA3-800, in combination with the passive cyclone pre-separator, is used to clean up the fresh air, which is lead into the cabin.

Hellwig und Lünenschloss

Breitenfelder Straße 28