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Military Unmanned Aerial Systems for Surveillance, Situational Awareness and Self-Protection

SELEX ES delivers mission-critical systems across land, air and sea for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance to customers around the world.

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SELEX ES delivers mission-critical systems across land, air and sea for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance to customers around the world. From the design and development to through-life support, the company works closely with its customers in their journey to mission success, constantly adapting its solutions to meet customer requirements.

By exploiting its core skills in sensors, defensive aids, tracking, targeting, navigation, command / control and simulation, SELEX ES works in partnership with prime contractors and armed forces worldwide to integrate optimised functionality into both platforms and networked-based architectures. All of this is underpinned by our comprehensive through-life capability management solutions designed to maximise the return on investment across the product’s lifecycle.

Unmanned aerial systems for the defence industry

SELEX ES is the only European player that can offer a complete and independent understanding and development capability of unmanned aerial systems (UAS); from the platform, to the mission system and sensors, to the ground control station.

Expanding its range of UAS SELEX ES has launched the Falco EVO, which complements the current Falco high-end tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (TUAV). Falco is the only tactical UAS entirely developed in Europe to have been exported and used in operations. Falco features a 12.5m wing span and a MTOW of 650kg, whilst Falco EVO features extended wings to ensure longer endurance and an increased payload capacity.

SELEX ES’s Falco unmanned aerial system is the only tactical UAS entirely developed in Europe to have been exported and used in operations.
Surveillance target acquisition and weapon aiming sight (STAWS) provides a 24-hour, all-weather surveillance and target acquisition capability.
The individual combat fire control and observation system was developed by SELEX ES to meet the emerging needs of the dismounted soldier in the digital battlefield.
The HALO acoustic weapon locating system enables troops to pinpoint hostile weapons and deliver return fire with exceptional accuracy.

Combat-proven situational awareness systems for military vehicles

In land operations, SELEX ES is strongly committed to vehicle and platform integration leveraging an unrivalled range of combat-proven individual systems and its unique understanding of mission systems and vehicle architecture.

Road Marshall is an all-weather observation system designed to boost the situational awareness of armoured vehicle crews. Several of the systems that make up Road Marshall, including the indirect vision system and drivers’ night vision system, are in service with UK armed forces and battle-proven on current operations. Road Marshall integrates several key SELEX ES products, including the remote weapon station surveillance target acquisition and weapon sight (STAWS) and Cobra-Hawk camera.

Surveillance systems for military operations

The VANTAGE command and control software provides the user with immediate situational awareness through the integration of data from remote sensors. Comprising a digital map, multi video display and sensor control panel, VANTAGE enables informed tactical decisions to be made, based on real-time and accurate data.

JANUS is a modular electro-optical (EO) solution for medium and long-range day / night surveillance. Suitable to equip both fixed and mobile observation sites, JANUS provides 24-hour surveillance of sensitive areas, detection of moving vehicles and tanks, remote control of human activities and detection of air threats. For surveillance tasks, JANUS is integrated in a system with an electronic control unit and a console with display, joystick and commands.

Fire control systems for the military industry

The individual combat fire control and observation system is a family of products developed by SELEX ES to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow’s warfighters. This family of products has been designed to increase the capabilities of infantry as far as lethality, C4I, survivability, mobility, sustainability and situational awareness are concerned.

There are four SELEX ES products in the soldier suite: the Aspis thermal weapon sight, the Scorpio grenade launcher fire control system (FCS), the Nimos helmet eyepiece and the hand-held binocular Linx, a target locator.

Acoustic weapon locating system

HALO is an acoustic weapon locating system, which is in service with six major armed forces internationally, including the UK, US and Canada. It detects sound waves generated by gun or mortar fire and other explosions and uses data processing techniques to accurately determine the location of enemy weapons.

The systems provide troops with timely information on where the enemy is firing from, and data precise enough to engage the threat without risking harm to civilian populations. Used daily on current operations, HALO has shown to be extremely resilient even in extreme temperatures well outside the original specification of the system.

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