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High-Performance Infrared and Hyperspectral Research Camera Supplier

Telops is a leading supplier of high-performance, infrared and hyperspectral cameras for defence and security, environmental, research, and industrial applications.


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Infrared cam

Telops is a leading supplier of high-performance, infrared and hyperspectral cameras for defence and security, environmental, research, and industrial applications.

The firm also offers specialised opto-electronic engineering and R&D services for optical system technology development.

Infrared hyperspectral cameras

The Hyper-Cam is an infrared, hyperspectral camera that allows standoff chemical detection at a distance of up to 5km.

The Hyper-Cam hyperspectral camera allows users to obtain accurate spectral information for each pixel recorded.
Hyper-Cam hyperspectral cameras can be used for defence research applications
Thermal muzzle flash analysis uses FAST-IR technology. These cameras are used for high-speed thermal imaging.
Mineral detection and identification is carried out using a MS-IR multispectral infrared camera.
The Hyper-Cam is a compact and hyperspectral-imaging sensor. It can be used for data acquisition.
Reveal D&I real-time detection software is used to detect and identify gas emissions during field trials. The software is used with the Hyper-Cam.
TS-IR, HD-IR and FAST-IR are high-performance infrared imaging cameras. They can be used to measure temperature where hermocouples or other probe sensors can't product an accurate result.

This advanced, imaging radiometric solution enables the user to measure different spectrums, and then compare the measured spectrum with the signatures of known gases and solids. Constituents and properties of a target can then be easily identified.

This powerful tool can then be used in a multitude of ground-based or airborne applications, including:

  • Defence and security
    o Standoff chemical warfare agent (CWA) detection and identification
    o Signatures of rockets, missiles and flares
    o Military target signature analysis
    o Analysis of smoke candles
    o Camouflage characterisation
    o Energetic material characterisation
  • Airborne
    o Hyperspectral mapping of the ground or atmosphere
  • Natural resources
    o Natural gas detection
    o Geology and mining material characterisation
    o Oil sands characterisation
  • Research or lab
    o Surface emissivity studies
    o Jet engine combustion characterisation
    o Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • Environmental
    o Leak detection
    o Gas and aerosol cloud detection and monitoring
    o Forest fire monitoring
    o Flare measurement
    o Landfill monitoring
    o Greenhouse gas monitoring
    o Urban heat island detection

High-performance infrared cameras

Telops’ infrared camera series includes five families of application-specific, scientific cameras. These are a high-definition infrared camera (HD-IR 1280), a series of rapid frame rate cameras (FAST-IR), multispectral cameras (MS-IR), a series of high dynamic range cameras (HDR-IR) and finally, versatile infrared cameras that offer exceptional accuracy and sensitivity (TS-IR).

The company has also developed a powerful, hyperspectral imager, the Hyper-cam, which allows the characterisation of objects and substances for a large variety of applications.

With Telops Systems, the user will detect, identify and quantify remote substances that were previously invisible.

Cameras for high-speed thermal imaging

To analyse dynamic events, the FAST-IR infrared cameras offer high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution at a rapid frame rate. These high-performance, infrared cameras are extremely sensitive to enable detection of challenging targets.

The cameras self-adjust to rapid temperature changes, and have an enhanced identification capability using spectral characteristics.

High-resolution scientific cameras

Telops’ HD-IR 1280 infrared cameras are high-resolution, scientific cameras that allow the analysis of events or targets with the highest possible detail by producing sharp, crisp images using a 1.3 megapixel infrared camera.

The camera’s high-sensitivity and possible multispectral capabilities make it the ideal tool for applications such as surveillance of vast areas and airborne mapping.

Multispectral infrared cameras

MS-IR infrared cameras allow users to split the scene signal into eight different spectral bands, rather than only one broadband image, allowing for spectral signature analysis.

The filter wheel is a fast-rotating mechanism designed to maximise the camera’s frame rate and can be used in either fixed or rotating mode. Rotating speed is user-adjustable, up to 100Hz, so it can support a frame-rate up to 800Hz.

Cameras with maximised sensibility and minimised noise-equivalent temperature

The HDR-IR cameras compensate for extended scene temperature range. These cameras have maximised sensibility and minimised noise-equivalent temperature difference (NETD) for any static or dynamic scenes.

This camera finds the best exposure time according to the scene and automatically allows for the resolve of targets up to 2,500°C.

High-performance infrared cameras in rugged enclosures

TS-IR infrared cameras are versatile, scientific, infrared cameras that offer exceptional image accuracy and sensitivity.

Their rugged enclosure has been designed to address the most demanding environments.

Customised optical solutions

Telops offers R&D services for optical system development.

Experts from the firm deliver significant knowledge in the fields of opto-electronic systems engineering, with full disciplinary specialist in optical, mechanical, electronics, thermal, software and system engineering.

Telops works closely with its clients / scientists to develop customised optical solutions in the area of infrared remote sensing, spectrometry, cryogenic and ruggedised optical systems, as well as dedicated imaging and calibration systems.

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