Allison Transmission designs and manufactures the world’s best power transmission products for military vehicles. Our products and service are superior, and consistently provide the highest quality, reliability, durability and value to our customers and the warfighter.

Fully automatic power transmissions

Allison fully automatic power transmissions provide extended torque range, higher GVW capacity and advanced electronic controls to get the best performance out of higher horsepower engines, while putting more control to the wheels. Allison power transmissions are invaluable in helping the warfighter accomplish his/her mission, whether it is going into battle, transporting troops or carrying military cargo.

Automatic-shift power transmissions

Not even the most expert driver can shift at the precise shift points to optimize vehicle performance under all road and load conditions.

Allison automatic transmissions automatically make the right shift at the right time to maximize vehicle performance and protect the driveline. Unlike manual and automated manual transmissions, there are no power interrupts with Allison automatic transmissions, just smooth, seamless full-power shifts.

Allison Transmission designs and manufactures power transmission products for military vehicles.
Allison fully automatic transmissions provide extended torque range, higher GVW capacity and advanced electronic controls.
Allison power transmissions are invaluable in helping the warfighter accomplish a range of missions.

More power gets from the engine to the wheels, which makes for faster starts, greater control and better manoeuvrability.

Allison-equipped vehicles experience fewer minor accidents, possibly due to better driver control at lower speeds and in tight conditions. Smooth shifting makes it easier for warfighters in the back of vehicles to maintain their position, thereby reducing fatigue and injury.

In hilly terrain, the absence of rollback is another safety factor. The capability to operate at low speeds smoothly, without clutching and shifting gears, makes life much safer and less fatiguing for the driver and ground personnel.

Highly rugged automatic transmissions

Allison automatic transmissions are recognized as being virtually indestructible.

Wear and tear on everything from the engine to the tires is reduced because the transmission’s torque converter absorbs shock loads from both directions.

Sudden engine acceleration at start up and during upshifts is smooth, ensuring the driveshaft, differential, axles and wheels are protected. Shock spikes fed back through the driveline from the wheels – going from icy to dry conditions, for example – are similarly absorbed. Drivers can therefore concentrate on driving. No other transmission offers more efficient and effective operation.

Besides smooth, seamless automatic shifts up and down the power curve, Allison automatic transmissions deliver faster acceleration, superior traction and greater manoeuvrability in all conditions. As they are inherently easy to operate, driver shortcomings are neutralized.

By making driving less physically taxing Allison power transmissions enable drivers to concentrate on their missions. Drivers experience measurably lower stress and are less tired and more alert. Commanders tell us that driver training time is drastically reduced and maintenance costs are lower.

Low-maintenance power transmissions

Drivers can’t misshift Allison automatic transmissions. The smooth, seamless shifts virtually eliminate driveline component shock. Since Allison automatics don’t have mechanically applied clutches, there’s no routine clutch burnout and replacement – a major downtime concern with manual and automated manual transmissions.

Routine oil and filter changes are the only regular preventative maintenance required with Allison automatic transmissions. Easily accessible integral and spin-on filters reduce downtime, while Allison-approved TES 295 transmission fluid greatly extends oil change intervals for most applications.

Heavy-duty torque converter for automatic transmissions

Automatic transmissions are far superior when it comes to gradability and startability on hills, grades or soft ground. Allison’s heavy-duty torque converter allows extremely high torque to be transmitted gradually to the wheels, where it enables the vehicle to accelerate smoothly and steadily. There are no jerks, spins, bounces or stalls, and no lugging or rollback.

Cost-effective power transmissions

When factoring in all lifecycle costs – vehicle purchase price, fuel, tires, preventative maintenance and component repair – along with the faster acceleration and greater manoeuvrability, a vehicle equipped with Allison automatic transmissions costs less per mile to operate than a comparable manual or automated manual-equipped vehicle.