ELMON is a Hellenic dynamic producer, certified as a NATO supplier (G1454) and operating with key partners worldwide to provide the best possible ballistic protection systems for military, police and special forces clients.

By combining state-of-the-art technology with the highest quality ballistic materials, ELMON takes great pride in being one of the leading companies in designing, developing and supplying with tactical equipment several countries in Europe and abroad.

Bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, bomb blankets and armour inserts

ELMON’s main line of products includes bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, bomb blankets and bulletproof inserts. Besides the main product line, ELMON is able to customize ballistic products according to the end-user needs. Production takes place in Greece using latest technological advancements according to ISO 9001/2008 standards.

The company delivers high quality bulletproof vests using advanced materials such as Dyneema and Artec, certified by accredited laboratories such as TNO in Netherlands, and are always accompanied by Elmon’s quality warrantee. ELMON has become a leading force in the global ballistic protection market due to the unique insert interchangeability system between tactical, duty and concealable vest carriers, meaning that with the same bulletproof panels the end-user can use a different vest carrier.

Elmon’s Tactical, Duty, Concealable Purpose bulletproof vests combine high quality materials with long-term experience and state-of-the-art ballistic technology.
Elmon’s new lightest bulletproof vest is now available to fulfill the most demanding needs of excellent fit, minimum weight (1,5 kg@ medium size) and maximum protection level IIIA per NIJ.
ELMON also offers lightweight, high performance ballistic helmets of the highest quality.
Full neck, groin and arms protection.
Multihit capacity of Elmon’s all bulletproof vest models.

In general the combination of the quality materials used in the manufacturing of the vest carrier undergoes extensive and constant examinations and quality checks to assure the products’ high quality and effectiveness.

Materials used for the vest carriers include:

  • Coolmax Fresh
  • 3Dimensional fabric
  • Cordura high-resistance
  • Military specs MIL-F-2234 Velcro type II Class I
  • High-resistance threads

Elmon has also developed one of the lightest bulletproof vests ever manufactured, weighting approximately 1.5 kg (medium size) adding another special element to its lifesaving solutions.

Ballistic helmets

ELMON also offers lightweight, high performance ballistic helmets of the highest quality. The helmets provide high ballistic performance with low weight through a unique manufacturing process using high-tenacity ballistic fiber, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix.

The Combat and PASGT helmets are one of the lightest Level IIIA ballistic helmets in the world. The newly designed ELMON boltless attachment mechanism allows for any style of helmet to be fitted with internal mounting points. This removes the necessity for drilling through the external shell to attach the harness mounting brackets.

Bulletproof inserts

Elmon has improved upon hard ballistic body armor with an excellent combination of light weight and maximum performance, multi-hit capacity and minimum blunt trauma. Another important key feature is that Elmon delivers all dimensions of the ballistic plates in a single-curved or double-curved formation.

The company produces all kinds of protection Levels according to NIJ 0101.04, such as III, IV in conjunction with IIIA vest, or stand alone inserts which are multi-hit. The company’s latest ballistic plate is the III++ according to NIJ 0101.04, which also protects from extra threats such as:

  • 7.62 × 39 MSC
  • 5.56 × 45 (SS 109)
  • 7.62 × 51 NATO BALL

Ballistic protection system exports

ELMON is constantly expanding its sales activities worldwide and penetrates strategic markets to distribute its products by offering exclusive distribution rights to selected representatives.

Government tenders

A major part of ELMON’s activities is its participation in public tenders issued by government agencies. ELMON has won most of the tenders concerning anti-ballistic products such as helmets, bulletproof vests etc, which has resulted in the company becoming the top supplier of operational equipment to the law enforcement and military sectors.