Fireco is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality pneumatic telescoping masts and accessories for use in the military, law enforcement, border patrol, fire / emergency response, civil defence, communications and surveillance markets. Our wide selection of pneumatic mast solutions are designed for use in the most demanding conditions and require minimal maintenance while delivering years of trouble-free operation.

We design and manufacture a wide range of high-quality, pneumatic telescoping masts and accessories ranging from small, manually operated portable telescoping masts to large telescoping masts capable of supporting heavy payloads and large sail areas.

Internal cable options reduce installation and maintenance costs and can eliminate the need for external cabling altogether. All masts are manufactured in our facility in Brescia, Italy and are supported by 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, along with the experience of our worldwide partner network.

Independent portable scene lighting units for military use

Fireco’s Portable Scene Lighting consists of two separate product groups, both designed to meet the challenges of providing quality elevated scene lighting without requiring a vehicle or electrical hook up.

Servolux and Kangeroe in action.
Aquamast mounted on pickup.
Lightweight and manual portable telescopic masts for every purpose.
Pneumatic telescopic masts with thousands of different dimensions, available with or without clamp collar and internal cable.

The first is Servolux, a compact, mobile, battery-operated lighting system that is manually deployed and retracted to provide quality scene lighting quickly and easily. Available options include lighting type, extended height and battery run time.

The second group, Canguro, is a patented range of emergency lighting units that features a wheeled frame to support a lightweight portable generator. This allows for easy transport and prolonged operation. As with the Servolux, the Canguro is available with several extended height options and supports a wide variety of lighting options. Masts are extended using the supplied hand pump making setup simple and easy.

Elevated master streams for rapid deployment solutions

The Aquamast is a pneumatically operated telescoping mast that can support extended heights ranging from 13ft-40ft. With flow rates ranging from 260gpm-1,650gpm, the Aquamast can be equipped with many of today’s most popular monitors to provide a cost-effective, rapidly deployable solution. This is ideal when elevated master streams are required but access is limited due to terrain or street access. Locations that would cause problems for wider vehicles can now be managed more efficiently and effectively.

Small fire trucks, trailers and even larger pickup trucks can be fitted with the Aquamast, making it the perfect fire fighting or water cannon tool for any size department or budget. The Aquamast can also be used in installations such as refineries where the need for rapidly deployable, remotely managed, mobile master stream operations may be required.

Manually operated mast systems for rugged terrain

Fireco’s lightweight and portable pneumatic telescoping masts are constructed of an anodized aluminium alloy and are available in extended heights ranging from 6ft-65ft. The exclusive ‘twin-lock’ locking collar secures the mast sections at any height and also prevents rotation in windy conditions.

Various mounting options enable the mast to be mounted directly to vehicles, trailers and buildings, as well as free-standing when used with one of the many available bipod, tripod and quadpod options.

This series of mast and accessories provides an excellent solution when the rapid deployment of lighting, antennas, cameras and mesh networks is required. Our unique design facilitates set up and operation in even the most rugged terrain, and our many options can accommodate various size payloads, with or without guying. Masts may be raised manually, by hand pump or by a small electric compressor.

Pneumatic telescopic masts

Fireco’s Pneumatic Telescoping Mast series is available in six diameter ranges with extended heights ranging from 6ft-130ft and payloads exceeding 500lbs. Masts can be equipped with non-locking collars or locking collars.

Locking collars enable the mast to remain extended for prolonged periods of time without the requirement of an air supply. Additionally, our unique locking design allows the mast sections to be locked at any height.

Our exclusive protective top cover for the non-locking series protects the internal seals from exposure to dirt and moisture while the mast is retracted. Its integrated locking feature prevents rotation of the payload during travel. In addition, our masts require no internal lubrication, thus reducing the amount of time required for servicing and maintenance.