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Explosive Solutions for Military Applications and Training

CBRNergetics delivers custom military demolition explosive equipment to armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world.

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CBRNergetics delivers custom military demolition explosive equipment to armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world.

We are industry-leading military demolitions explosives suppliers and offer a wide range of demolition stores, including explosive charges, shaped charges, initiation devices, pyrotechnics, battle simulation, demining equipment, EOD and C-IED solutions, and CBRN detection equipment products.

Demolition stores for the armed forces

CBRNergetics provides a complete range of demolitions charges and explosives, manufactured in standard sizes and compositions. We offer the entire range of SEMTEX explosives, such as C4, PE-4, and detonating cords, and provide explosives for special operations and breaching (EMOE). This includes RAZOR, sheet explosive, linear cutting tape, paste explosives (PASTEX) and slip-on boosters.

We also have shaped charges: Bangalore Torpedo, Charge Demolition No 1 ‘Beehive’, Charge Demolition No 14 ‘Hayrick’, and rapid crater kits.

Initiation and detonation equipment

Our initiation products are guaranteed to detonate your explosives first time and every time. We supply a wide variety of electrical and mechanical firing devices, plain and electric detonators, match fuses, safety fuses, igniter safety fuse electric (ISFE), and firing cable reels.

Operators using our shock tube systems have a multitude of capabilities at their fingertips with ST detonators, ST starters, and rapid firing systems, all with a variety of lengths for different operational environments.

Battle simulation solutions for the military

Battlefield simulation products enhance training by simulating the chaos of battle. Realistic smoke, explosions and gunfire are created to effectively simulate artillery, ground bursts, air bursts, and a variety of small arms. We can tailor our simulation products to meet specific training requirements.

EOD and CIED solutions for the defence industry

CBRNergetics offers advanced technology to meet the challenging demands of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel and combat engineers as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal supplier. Operators using our PALADIN and BRIMSTONE branded backpacks are provided with versatile tools and equipment for EOD, counter improvised explosive device (CIED), and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) missions.

Conflict zones around the world have created a demand to remove mines and unexploded ordnance. Minefield marking kits enable skilled forces to mark and neutralise virtually any threat. We provide high-quality military PPE such as EOD bomb suits, search suits, demining aprons, and ballistic helmets to protect personnel while they are conducting hazardous missions.

Through our internal R&D efforts, we have created an explosive-filled type of point focal disruptor for the ‘low order’ detonation of UXO.

Advanced solutions for CBRN detection

We are the UK’s sole and exclusive distributor for PROENGIN chemical detection equipment, providing all variants of the AP4C flame-spectrometry equipment. We perform service and maintenance at our UK warehouse and supply UK clients with AP4C, S4PE, hydrogen services, consumables, test bench, mini-bench, and MAB biological detectors.

Custom equipment for explosive detection and disposal

Our experts have demonstrated technical prowess by custom designing niche variations of standard equipment. We now offer safety fuse, percussion (5-MD-17) and igniter, and shock tube (5-MD-17ST), with versions capable of both single and dual shock tube lines.

We are creating bespoke dog scent training kits, which allow trained personnel to hone the abilities of EOD and police dogs to detect Class 1 explosives.

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Products & services

  • Battlefield Simulation

    We are an industry leading battlefield simulation supplier and Thunderflash supplier. We offer a diverse range of battlefield simulation equipment, artillery simulation products, such as artillery groundburst, and other pyrotechnics products, that accurately simulate the sounds, smells, and chaos of battle.

  • Demolition Stores

    We are a world leading military demolition explosive supplier. We work with military and police users as a plastic explosive supplier and detonator supplier. We have a deep product portfolio as a Semtex explosives supplier, such as: C4, Plastic Explosive No. 4 (PE-4), Semtex 90, and other demolition charges.

  • Chemical Detection and Identification

    CBRNergetics are an industry leading chemical detection equipment supplier. We are the UK partner for all Proengin CBRN detection equipment that uses flame photometry technology.

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