Explosive Solutions for Military Applications and Training

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CBRNergetics Ltd (CBRNe) delivers customised demolition solutions such as explosives and shaped charges, initiation devices, pyrotechnics, battle simulation, and demining equipment for military and police forces.

The extensive product portfolio includes explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) systems, in addition to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) recognition equipment.

Demolition charges and explosives for militaries

CBRNe offers a complete range of SEMTEX explosives such as C4 and PE-4 in standard sizes and compositions. Detonating cords are also available.

The company also has special explosives: RAZOR, sheet & paste explosives, linear cutting tape, and slip-on boosters. It has a broad selection of shaped charges such as Bangalore Torpedo, Charge Demolition No 1 Beehive, Charge Demolition No 14 Hayrick, rapid crater kits, as well as slab and TNT charges.

Initiation and detonation solutions for armed forces

CBRNe’s initiation products ensure the safe detonation of explosives and include a wide variety of electrical and mechanical firing devices, including strength No 8 plain and electric detonators, igniter safety fuse electric (ISFE) equipment, and firing cable reels.

Shock tube (ST) detonators / starters and rapid firing systems come in a variety of lengths for different operations.

Pyrotechnics for combat simulation

CBRNe has expanded its role as a battlefield simulation supplier through its pyrotechnic product offering, helping to improve training in the military and security forces.

Realistic smoke, loud explosions and other combat sounds are created by the pyrotechnics to effectively simulate artillery, ground / air bursts, and a variety of small arms. The company can tailor its simulation products to meet specific training requirements.

Explosive ordnance disposal systems for combat personnel

CBRNe recognises the importance of its role as a leading EOD supplier, providing technology to meet the challenging demands of combat personnel and engineers.

The company’s range of disruptors and injectors such as Hotrod, Pigstick, Mantis and Needle-Plus help to neutralise any threat.

High-quality military personal protection equipment (PPE) is available, including EOD bomb and search suits, demining aprons, and ballistic helmets. These products protect operators during unexploded ordnance (UXO) applications.

High-quality demining and chemical detection equipment

Demining missions require quality equipment to ensure safety at all times. Metal detectors, surveillance equipment, FLATSCAN, X-ray systems, and video scopes enable operators to identify threats. Communication reels, EOD tripods / robots, and minefield marking kits allow skilled forces to mark and neutralise all threats.

As a leading UK chemical detection equipment supplier, we provide operationally proven CBRN detection equipment.

CBRNe technicians provide dependable servicing and maintenance for chemical detection equipment. We supply EXPRAY, DETEX, and dog scent training kits to improve the capabilities of trained personnel and the detection abilities of EOD animals.

Customised hook and line kits

Conflict zones around the world have created a demand for our highly specialised hook and line kits. Special operators are provided with versatile tools and equipment for EOD, C-IED, and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD) missions when using PALADIN and BRIMSTONE branded EOD backpacks.

CBRNe experts have demonstrated technical expertise by designing customised variations of equipment.

The company offers the following combinations:

  • Igniter, safety fuse, percussion (5-MD-17)
  • Igniter, percussion, shock tube (5-MD-17ST – single and dual shock tube lines)

CBRNe’s products offer effective methods for hard target breaching and explosive methods of entry (EMEO) applications, while delivering innovative solutions to EOD, C-IED, and IEDD problems.

Logistics and export licensing for armed forces

CBRNe successfully executes major contracts for armed forces engaged in operations around the world. The company achieves results through its extensive knowledge of the US, UK, EU, and Middle East export regulations.

The ability to understand myriad governmental regulations and synchronise them with complex supply chains ensures CBRNe’s explosive products are delivered on time. The company charters commercial sea freight or dedicated cargo aircraft in order to deliver consignments according to specific customer requirements.

About CBRNergetics Ltd

CBRNe works closely with clients to deliver tailored defence solutions. Experts deliver an inclusive service, comprising bespoke packaging and transportation services, specially designed equipment, as well as training and certification courses.

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