We are a world leading military demolition explosive supplier. We work with military and police users as a plastic explosive supplier and detonator supplier. We have a deep product portfolio as a Semtex explosives supplier, such as: C4, Plastic Explosive No. 4 (PE-4), Semtex 90, and other demolition charges.

We are industry leaders in providing Semtex special explosives, Semtex RAZOR Linear Charges, Bangalore Torpedo, Charge Demolition Beehive, Charge Demolition Hayrick, various other Shaped Charges, plus Sheet Explosive, and Tape & Paste Explosives.

We are an industry leading detonator supplier, offering Electric Detonators and Plain Detonators.  We are a Shock Tube System supplier, and provide other initiation products, such as: Safety Fuse M700 or L1A3, Igniter Safety Fuse Electric, and Firing Cable Reels.

Our experts have recently designed variations to the highly popular Igniter Safety Fuse Percussion, 5-MD-17. Our initiation devices can be used to initiate Semtex explosives, EOD products, shaped charges, and all demolition charges.

We are a premiere plastic explosives supplier that works with US DOD, UK MOD, NATO, GCC, plus other Armed Forces and commercial defense primes. Our range of Semtex special explosives are proven to be amongst the best in the world for Explosive Ordnance Disposal suppliers (EOD).

For our entire range of Semtex explosives, shaped charges, and demolition charges, we can provide bespoke packaging, and logistic requirements to meet unique operational specifications.