CBRNergetics are an industry leading chemical detection equipment supplier. We are the UK partner for all Proengin CBRN detection equipment that uses flame photometry technology.

AP4C and other flame photometry technology are proven worldwide as a leading first-line detector for chemical warfare agents and TICs. We also offer UC AP4C or TIMs as a leading toxic industrial chemical detection equipment supplier.

We are an industry leading supplier of chemical identification equipment that uses raman spectroscopy.  We are the UK partner for the Serstech family of raman products.

Serstech Arx is a revolutionizing raman instrument, which introduces SharpEyeTM – a patented autofocus technology which dramatically improves the signal quality.

Serstech Arx is the ideal handheld raman spectrometer for chemical identification, explosives identification, identifying chemical warfare agents (CWA), and with wide uses for the Pharmaceutical industry.Serstech SERS Kit provides the ideal narcotics identification solution for trace amounts of illicit drugs.