Tactical AR500 Targets (Tatargets) designs and manufactures AR500 and AR550 steel target systems.

We provide uniquely crafted and designed steel targets and related systems for the law enforcement, military, private security, and professional training industries.

High-quality steel for long-lasting target systems

Utilising modern computer numerical control (CNC) equipment and fabrication procedures enables us to offer a different class of steel targets and systems. While most steel target manufacturers simply follow the trends and utilise only AR500 steel, we incorporate higher-quality AR550 steel, which increases the lifespan of our targets, creates more audible feedback, and allows closer distance usage with carbines in comparison to similar target systems.

We have developed a process to ensure that the steel we receive exceeds minimum hardness specifications. All hardened steel has variances and unless a minimum hardness is specified at time of order, it is nearly impossible to ensure that high-quality plate is being received. We specify minimum hardness levels at time of order from the mill and require hardness test certifications for verification. For target plates we utilise at minimum AR500 steel but offer premium AR550 steel for our high-volume customers. It is critical to use proper steel to ensure a long life and the safest environment possible.

Tactical AR500 Targets is a producer of AR500 and AR550 steel target systems for defence applications.
Our A-DAP systems are designed for a range of adverse environments.
The A-DAP-PLATE's hanging mechanism and design enable optimum resonation and audible feedback, depending on wind and terrain.
The AR550 Magnum A-DAP system is a 0.5in close-range carbine target.
The phoenix plate rack has been designed as a state-of-the-art model while incorporating traditional qualities and standards.
Our 2/3 Magnum A-DAP target features a steeper lean angle in comparison to our standard A-DAP system.
The top and base attachments of the 2/3 Magnum A-DAP system are identical to the typical A-DAP system, providing shooters with a rugged and stable platform.
The zone target system is ideal for shooters to refine their pistol precision and accuracy.

Target systems for versatile training experience

With nearly two dozen different systems available, Tatargets offers a system for every training scenario. Each AR500 or AR550 system fills in a critical role.

Whether our customers are close-quarter battle training or practising long-range marksmanship, Tatargets provides solutions that are designed to outlast all other models on the market.

Steel silhouette target systems for adverse environments

Silhouette targets are essential for training professionals. Our A-DAP and Magnum A-DAP systems are built to withstand adverse environmental conditions. Set them up on your range, shoot, and leave them out. Simply bring some touch-up spray paint to keep the target fresh.

The hanging mechanism and design of the plate allow maximum resonation and audible feedback out to 800 yards and beyond, depending on terrain and wind conditions. Our 0.5in AR550 Magnum A-DAP system is a close-range carbine target rated at 30 yards with 5.56 Nato when using lead core, copper jacketed ammunition at 3,000 feet per second (FPS) or less.

Multi-use round bases for steel and paper targets

Our signature 20in inside diameter (I.D.) round base has accessory slots for 1in x 2in wood strips, which allow our customers to utilise both steel and paper targets simultaneously without the need for extra bases. The A-DAP system is specifically designed and mounted to take advantage of paper coupled with steel. Track shots on paper, get feedback from the steel.

Reactive target systems for effective range training

Whether shooting carbines or pistols, reactive steel can help programme muscle memory and speed up training while on the range. Everything from our 7.62 x 51 rated duelling trees to our falling tree, hostage and zone targets offers extra value to our range training sessions.

Work movements, transitions, and follow-up shots on our reactive steel targets speed up recovery and follow-up shot times. Every target system adds an innovative element to your training.

Capacity for customisation and innovation

Tatargets understands the importance of adaptation, and we can accommodate many of our customers’ specific requirements. We will provide pricing and tailored schematics to meet your needs.

Simply contact our team to get the process started and we will explore your custom target needs and special circumstances.

About Tactical AR500 Targets

Tatargets was started with the aim of creating a true revolution in the steel target industry.

We desire to be a guide to help point our clients to the best steel targets on the market. Our clients need to know they are purchasing the proper product for the task, as well as trust our team and expertise to provide them with only the highest calibre of steel targets and systems.

Tatargets maintains a large company capacity for product output with a small company footprint and interaction. Our customers are at the forefront of our production and we create a vast array of targets and systems to meet their every need.