Our Phoenix Plate rack is a remarkable piece of art. Much like the Phoenix from Greek mythology, who would rebirth from the ashes anew, our plate rack has been designed from the ground up to be unlike anything our customers have ever seen.

Better, more rugged, user serviceable, and adaptable; the entire system is designed in a way that is altogether different than old school plate rack targets, yet retains the qualities and standards needed for heavy competition use. We started from the ground up and created the most radically different plate rack that has hit the market to date.

This is the re-birth of the modern plate rack, this is the Phoenix.

Some key features which set this target system apart from all other plates racks are the fact that it is 100% serviceable with simple hand tools, it utilises a super smooth Quad pulley reset mechanism, the front shield is armoured and the pulley guards are armoured, and each paddle has its own vibration dampening spring and bumpers. All of this comes standard. You don’t have to pay extra for features that every plate rack should have from the start.

Each paddle is bolted into its own carrier assembly, which means that individual paddles can be replaced and entire carrier assemblies can also be unbolted from the front shield and replaced in the event of a failure. Many of our competitors weld the paddle gussets to the front shield which means if you crack a weld, your target system is out of commission. The Phoenix can be serviced with essentially one 3/4in deep socket and ratchet, and one 3/4in wrench.

The quad pulley reset system is cable operated and smooth as silk. The Phoenix Plate Rack stands out immediately due to this quad pulley system. Simply pull on the cable and all six paddles will reset and will be ready to shoot again. Walking downrange is no longer a necessity as shooters can add as much cable as they need. The pulley mechanism is fully guarded from the front by 3/8in AR500 standard, just like the entire front shield. The entire pulley system can be serviced and replaced if necessary without sending back to us. That is a clear advantage for high-volume ranges and clients.

Many people have seen plate racks that when one paddle is shot, multiple paddles fall over. This is a clear design flaw and shows a lack of attention to details. The Phoenix features spring and bumper isolators which mitigate the vibration of impacting rounds and other falling paddles. In other words: when a bullet impacts one paddle, only one paddle falls down. Simple, but often overlooked.

The Phoenix is clearly designed for serious marksmen and trainers/units. It is the perfect compliment to every range setup and can be utilised in many drills and styles of training. Contact us for more information and pricing, as well as upgraded armour options.