The definition of revolutionary is: involving or causing a complete or dramatic change, radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles. The Falling Tree is nothing short of revolutionary.

One of the main features that stands out on the Falling Tree is the laser cut track. The next thing many people will notice is it has a single paddle. This is not the Duelling Tree that people have come to recognise, but a much more refined and interactive target system.

The Falling Tree was designed as a target to fill a void in the competitive shooting and combative training worlds. As the paddle is struck, it will rotate, guided by the laser cut track, and be forced down to the next level. The paddle will continue to drop to the next level while alternating side to side until on the last shot it will drop out of the bottom of the laser cut track.

The Falling Tree forces shooters to compensate for recoil from their firearm. As the trigger is pressed, the firearm will recoil, rising the muzzle. At the same instant, assuming the marksman hit the paddle, the falling tree paddle will rotate and drop, forcing the shooter to re-acquire a new site picture before the next shot. This helps to train shooters to follow up their shots and regain control of the firearm quicker after recoil.

Due to the track being cut on a CNC laser and being made from one solid piece, fabrication and assembly time is minimised which translates into lower cost points for the complete system than duelling trees on the market. This also creates a more predictable system that will reliably operate even under heavy fire or adverse conditions. The track is also protected from the front and sides, so stray impacts will not affect the system.

We offer the Falling Tree in either pistol rated or light rifle rated. The pistol rated is the least expensive unit, and utilised a mild steel upright (un-armoured) and a 6in 3/8in AR500 paddle. The Rifle Falling Tree upright is made from 1/4in AR500 steel (armoured) to protect against high-velocity rifle rounds, and the paddle, although the same size diameter as the pistol version, is made from 3/8in AR550 steel for added strength. The Rifle Falling Tree can also be used for pistols as small as 9mm.

The Falling Tree stands on our standard 20in base and is extremely easy to set up and take down for storage or transport. The round base also makes the Falling Tree very stable. For more information on the Falling Tree target please contact us. We would be happy to offer you a quotation.