Every range and every department/training unit needs a steel target system that is simple, modular, adaptable, and audible. This system should be extremely quick to set up and tear down and it should be a system that they can rely on to perform when it matters the most. The target system should also be serviceable. In a world where many believe that all steel targets were created equal, the Magnum A-DAP system is here to draw the line and set itself apart from the rest.

Some key features that make our Magnum A-DAP system so strong and so perfect for every range are the forward angle, the ability to swing slightly when struck by a bullet, the AR550 steel construction, toolless set up and tear down, vibration-enhancing mounting bracket, and our signature round base that can also be used for paper targets.

It is important that a steel target has a forward lean. This helps absorb energy first and foremost, but it also helps send bullet fragmentation into the ground. The ability to swing when struck further enhances a targets ability to withstand extreme use and creates an incredibly safe target system for training.

One of the biggest misconceptions many people have is that all steel is created equal. This cannot be further from the truth. In a market where most steel target manufacturers are selling 3/8in AR500 to departments, we are offering 3/8in and 0.5in AR550 steel, which is a much more refined, much harder and stronger steel than AR500 steel. What this translates into is better strength characteristics, a better ability to withstand adverse conditions and high round counts, as well as an overall longer life than a comparable 3/8in AR500 system.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make surrounding steel targets is the method they use to mount the target plate to the upright post. Our top bracket creates a minimalistic yet tough attachment that keeps minimum contact with the plate, resulting in an extremely audible target system. Our BC sized (approximately 12in wide x 24in tall target plate) targets can be heard even at distances of 900 yards plus. The system and its mounting method creates a church bell-like effect which is distinct and clear. No clang, just a clearly tuned ring from every hit.

Our Magnum A-DAP system is also offered in several different size plates. The 2/3 Magnum A-DAP is a 30% reduced BC target (8in wide x 16in tall), and the Modified A zone is a rectangle that is approximately 6in wide by 18in tall which helps promote accuracy and can be incorporated into many dynamic exercises.

The Magnum A-DAP system is our most robust target system specifically designed for high-volume training, especially when purchased in our 0.5in AR550 version. Have your department or unit contact us and we will provide a price quote on our Magnum A-DAP system.