Our A-DAP system is already the perfect compliment to any range and training regimen, but we took this target system a step further: we introduced an attachment that turns any A-DAP system into a hostage style training target.

From day one we designed the A-DAP top bracket with extra holes in anticipation for an eventual release of accessories to add to our A-DAP systems. The first official accessory that we are releasing is the hostage assembly. This assembly simply slides over the A-DAP top bracket and fastens with four bolts. There are gussets welded to the side plates which allow any of our Rifle Duelling Tree size paddles to slide and lock into place. When struck the paddle will flip side to side.

This accessory can be used for practicing on a smaller target, working transitions, hostage taker drills, and shooting and moving. The versatility is truly endless. The best part is our customers don’t have to purchase a completely different system to achieve these effects. For about a third of the cost of a complete hostage style steel target system our customers can add a hostage assembly onto their existing A-DAP systems.

Bolting the paddle assembly behind the target, completely separate of the target offers several distinct advantages. For one it allows us to use our standard A-DAP plates and attachments. This means your A-DAP plate, along with its forward lean, mounting method and famous audible feedback are unaffected. Our older model hostage targets were their own units and had their own unique designs. The paddle gussets were welded directly to the plate, therefore we had to mount the plate solid. This means the body of the target plate didn’t ring as well, plus there were welds on the plate which could break over time. The NEW hostage assembly for our A-DAP system is highly superior and at a much lower price point.

We have four paddle options: 3/16in AR400 for 22LR, 3/8in AR550 pistol paddle which is suitable for centrefire pistols and rifles up to 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout, our 556 paddle which is a larger, dedicated high-volume 5.56 NATO paddle (not for handguns), and a 308 paddle designed specifically for .308 WIN (7.62 x 51).

The gussets and side plates that create the gusset assembly are armoured and made from 1/4in AR500 steel which means longer life and resistances to accidental side impacts.

When considering our A-DAP system, consider adding our hostage assemblies to your order. They will help to further refine your teams accuracy and follow up shot capabilities all while adding a level of excitement to the training regimen.