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Strategic Defence Technologies

Stratign is a world leader in communication interception, communication jamming, signal processing systems, and communication security systems.


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Stratign is a world leader in communication interception, communication jamming, signal processing systems, and communication security systems.

The company was established in 2002 and has built a strong presence in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and CIS countries.

Stratign’s continuous endeavour in the field of research and development, along with the company’s committed and highly skilled team, enables Stratign to provide precise, customised solutions for the challenges faced by our customers.

Stratign’s cutting edge technologies are integrated into various products through the years and have given a competitive advantage to it in the international market.

GSM / CDMA interception system for capturing SMS, voice from A5/1, A5/2 and A5/3 GSM 2G and 3G networks in real-time.
Strategic or tactical Thuraya interception system for capturing voice, GPS co-ordinates, SMS, fax and fata in real time from Thuraya subscribers.
Interception of voice, fax, SMS, high-speed data links and data calls form C and Ku Band Trunk, VSAT iDIRECT, INMERSAT, IRIDIUM and, ISAT networks.
Optical and SAR high-resolution imagery on demand or integrated ground earth stations from our partner satellite image service providers or UAV platforms.
Network security, information warfare, intelligence gathering and analysis, GSM / CDMA, satellite, Thuraya interception systems, image processing and analysis training courses.

Cellular Interception Solutions

GSM / CDMA networks are the main instruments for communication in the world today. This refers to all, including criminals who use telephones to make illegal activities, for this reason intercepting GSM / CDMA communications has become essential for government law enforcement and defence organisations.

Stratign’s solutions:

  • GSM Passive Monitoring Solution
  • GSM Semi-Active Monitoring Solution
  • Hybrid Monitoring Solution
  • IMSI Catcher
  • CDMA Monitoring Solution
  • Direction Finder Solution

Optional features with the solution:

  • Social Media Profiling
  • VPA
  • Link Analysis
  • PLMN (For IMSI Catcher)

GMPCS (Global Mobile Personal Communication Satellite) Interception Solution

Interception of Thuraya communications has become essential for government agencies globally as the subscriber base of the Thuraya satellite communication scheme has expanded rapidly.

Stratign offers Strategic and Tactical Solutions for interception, collection, processing and evaluation of Thuraya communications to intelligence organisations and national security government agencies.

The system can decipher Thuraya traffic, providing the geo-location and associated data of the intercepted terminals, with decoding VOICE, SMS, FAX, and DATA sessions.

Stratign’s solutions:


  • Strategic Thuraya Monitoring Solution
  • Tactical Thuraya Monitoring Solution


  • Strategic ISAT Monitoring Solution
  • Tactical ISAT Monitoring Solution
  • Iridium Monitoring Solution
  • Unified Satellite-Phone Monitoring Solution

Optional features with the solution:

  • VPA
  • Link Anlysis

Satellite Interception Solution

Satellites are now a key component of today’s technology for communication. Furthermore, the success of any operation is critical to reliable, mobile, robust satellite solutions.

Our versatile, modular and upgradable solutions enable efficient interception of voice, fax, SMS, high-speed data links and data calls.

Stratign’s satellite interception solutions include:

  • C-KU Satellite Interception Solution
  • VSAT Monitoring Solution
  • Satellite Geo-location Solution

Optional feature with the solution:

  • VPA
  • Link Analysis

Jamming Solutions

The aim of jamming is to prevent electromagnetic communication or at least to reduce communications to a sufficient extent to cause transmission and reception delays.

Stratign provides a wide range of jamming and detection technologies in close cooperation with major Military forces and government agencies.

Stratign’s Jamming solutions include:

  • Anti-Drone Jammer
  • GNSS Jammer
  • Vehicle Mounted RCIED Jammer
  • Man-Portable/Back-Pack RCIED Jammer
  • Intelligent Cellphone Jammer
  • Prison Jammer
  • Satellite Jammer
  • Radio Jammer

Specialised Solutions

Stratign provides a wide range of special products which are quite essential for the ever-evolving world of technology.

  • Face Recognition Solution
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Cryptanalysis
  • High-Speed Computing Solution
  • SMS Broadcasting Solution
  • Search & Rescue Solution
  • BTS-Hunter
  • Secure GSM Phone


Professionals in all industries must update their expertise and abilities to the problems of the globe today. At Stratign, we strive to provide intelligence, safety, law enforcement and defense professionals with an opportunity to maximise their abilities by providing them with efficient education.

We are a leading provider of network security, information warfare, intelligence gathering and analysis training courses. Our custom-made technology training course on multiple products / systems has helped intelligence gathering and communications security organizations to improve effectiveness and optimise resources.

  • Cyber Defence Training
  • Cyber Warfare Training
  • Crypt Analysis Training

White Papers

  • Stratign Strategic Defence Technologies

    Stratign is one of the most trusted providers of systems, technologies and impregnable intelligence solutions for our defence and law enforcement customers. As technology leaders, we will define the future.

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