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Carat Security Group is a global leader in mobile armored security. It is the fusion of two of the industry’s most well-respected brands: Carat Duchatelet, a leading provider of luxurious armored vehicles, and Centigon, a pioneer in military and commercial armored vehicles. The Carat Defense military products division specializes in solutions for rough terrain and high-threat environments, serving governmental agencies worldwide in the areas of internal security, border patrol, reconnaissance and riot control.

Combined, the group offers truly global service and support, with seven manufacturing operations on four continents. Specializing in both military and commercial armored vehicles for nearly 135 years, Carat solutions perform in the toughest conditions on earth.

With a complete range of armored military tactical APCs, off-road, truck cabins and up-armor kits, Carat Defense vehicles meet both light-duty and IED-tested MRAP requirements in configurations tested for both CEN and STANAG 4569 standards. From armor-piercing ammunition to anti-tank mines, our durable, proven protection systems are the preferred choice of governmental and commercial operations worldwide.


Based on a durable Ford chassis, the Wolverine APC combines high-speed troop transport capabilities with advanced armor configurations to level B7 (UL10).
The reliable U5000/U1300 Unimog has been co-developed with Mercedes Benz and certified to STANAG 2, for maximum protection and reliability in the field.
The Big Bear is the ultimate solution in armored water cannon riot control. Armored up to level B6, multiple tank configuration and several chassis options are available.
The Black Scorpion (STANAG 1) is available in police, fast attack and troop transport configurations and is based on the rugged, easily serviced Toyota HZJ79.
Multiple in-house facilities produce superior ballistic glass solutions for use in our vehicles and for sale. Industry-leading warranty and protection up to B6.
Up-armored truck cabins including STANAG level protection plus slat armor for Renault, Scania and many other makes and models.
Up-armored HMMWV configurations for maximum protection using existing unit install base. Rapid retrofit capability for minimal downtime.
Tactical Suburban armored to level B6 or B7 and fitted with optional gun turret and electronics package.

Armored tactical vehicles for troop transport

To defeat existing and emerging threats requires integrated, end-to-end solutions from a trusted worldwide partner. Our tactical vehicles and products include troop transport vehicles, pursuit vehicles, armored personnel carriers, command and control vehicles and riot-control trucks.

We provide customized solutions, ensuring maximum platform performance while optimizing armor solutions to meet specific requirements, including IED protection and both transparent and opaque armor that defeats armor-piercing ammunition.

The armored Unimog U5000 and Black Scorpion Armored Fighting Vehicle set the standard for protection and reliability utilizing the latest in computer modeling and in-depth testing both in the ballistics laboratory and in the field. Add to this the B7 and UL10 protected Wolverine APC, configured for troop transport or command and control configurations, and you have a formidable array of platforms to choose from.


Military off-road vehicles

Carat Defense and Centigon military off-road vehicles are sure-footed, expertly armored vehicles, which maintain their original function despite the added protection features. Wherever your mission may take you, a Carat vehicle will provide reliable and world-class protection from the full spectrum of threats.

With the uncertainty present in today’s world, customers often need timely solutions at very short notice. In response, we maintain a stock of fully armored military off-road vehicles for urgent delivery anywhere in the world.

These solutions include the armored Toyota HZJ76, the certified VR6 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the OEM-exclusive Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and Defender.


Armored water cannon vehicles for riot control

Local authorities are placed in harm’s way every day. Whether dealing with the illegal drug trade, rioters or day-to-day police activity, rugged, dependable vehicles provide an advantage in the war against crime. Carat Defense water cannon and command vehicles are designed in collaboration with law enforcement personnel to meet and exceed field requirements.

Advanced Carat water cannon vehicles include the Manta, Big Bear and Little Bear and a variety of chassis manufacturers to choose from, including Mercedes Benz, Freightliner, Kenworth and International. Advanced protection options include infrared sensors below the vehicle, FireFox cannons and multiple ink/chili storage tank options.


Transparent armor solutions

The development of transparent armor requires the mastery of both modern technology and the singular craftsmanship required to produce optically superior, certified glass that exceeds protection and clarity requirements. These techniques help define Carat Security ballistic glass as the new industry standard in cost-effective, transparent armor solutions.

With over 100 different configurations of glass installed in both mobile platforms and architectural structures worldwide, Carat has the experience, global reach and superior performance required to meet your transparent armor needs.


Protection level

Carat transparent armor is tested to meet a variety of threat levels, from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIA to the European CEN 1063 B7 (UL10) level of protection in both flat and curved glass, including .50 caliber ballistic protection. Custom threat level configurations are also available for a wide range of applications.


Armored executive protection – Carat Duchatelet

For more than a century, the Carat Security Group has been known as the premier coach building and armoring operation in the world. Offering bespoke interiors, incomparable design, engineering, craftsmanship and worldwide support, Carat represents the pinnacle of luxury coach building and armored solutions.

With 45 current heads-of-state limousines in operation and a complete line-up of armored luxury vehicles, we have an unparalleled ability to provide you with complete VIP-level mobile solutions, including vehicles from Bentley, Rolls Royce and Maybach.

With the trust of executives, world leaders and military commanders, Carat is uniquely positioned to provide armored mobile protection, wherever, whenever the need arises.

White Papers

  • Black Scorpion Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV)

    The Carat Defense Toyota AFV is designed to carry out a wide array of missions utilising its troop transportation capacity combined with on board armament, allowing for direct fire support during critical phases of combat.

  • Big Bear High-Capacity Riot Control Vehicle

    The Big Bear is the newest generation of riot control vehicle by Carat Defense. This vehicle incorporates not only the traditional riot control functionality but includes additional innovative features to better protect the crew and provide timely riot response time.

Press Releases


Products & services

  • Black Scorpion Police APC

    The Carat Defense Toyota Police APC is the ideal low-cost platform for police action in urban and off-road environments. With a high level of armoured protection and enhanced capabilities over rough terrain, the P-APC is the ultimate law enforcement tool.

  • MBZ Unimog for Police and Peacekeeping Operations

    The armoured Unimog U5000 is the ideal off-road vehicle for transport of troops and equipment. The modular concept is available in levels 1 to 3 protection according to STANAG 4569, tested and certified by the independent laboratory Beschussamt Mellrichstadt.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Escort by Carat Defense

    Our Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is available in several armor configurations from B6 up to level STANAG 2, including VR6 protection, independently certified to ensure the integrity of the armour system. The VR6 configuration been tested in accordance with the European standard BRV1999.

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