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The armoured Unimog U5000 is the ideal off-road vehicle for transport of troops and equipment. The modular concept is available in levels 1 to 3 protection according to STANAG 4569, tested and certified by the independent laboratory Beschussamt Mellrichstadt.

The cargo area is independent from the cab and can carry up to 10 passengers while maintaining the mobility characteristics of the original base vehicle.

Through cooperative development with the OEM, the Unimog base vehicle and chassis maintain the original warranty through the Mercedes Benz worldwide network.

Protection level: armour piercing, blast

The STANAG 2 Unimog provides protection from an AT Mine detonated under any wheel location.

Standard features

  • Multi-layered ballistic glass
  • Protected floor
  • Battery protection
  • Armoured rear door
  • Protected fuel tank
  • Runflat system
  • Combat lock
  • Siren

Optional features

  • Interface for jammer
  • Gun ports
  • NBC filtration system
  • IR lights
  • SWAT equipment
  • Smoke grenade launcher
  • Anti-riot equipment

Base vehicle

  • Mercedes Benz Unimog U5000
  • Engine: Maximum Power – 160kW (218hp) – Maximum Torque 810Nm
  • Measurements: L5500 x W2350 x H2940mm – Wheelbase: 3250mm / GVW: 12,500kg