little bear

Carat Defense water cannon and command vehicles are designed in collaboration with law enforcement personnel to meet and exceed field requirements.

Superior riot control platform – water cannon

The Little Bear is a medium capacity riot control vehicle. It carries 7,000L of water, comes with one or two water cannons (recommend one for water conservation) and can reach demonstrators up to 60m away depending on wind conditions. The knock-down capacity of this vehicle is 20m – 25m depending on nozzle selection. The model shown includes B4 level ballistic protection but can be upgraded to B6 level upon request.

Chassis options

With multiple base platforms available, the Little Bear meets the needs of riot control units across the globe. Available units include the International 4300 (pictured) as well as Freightliner, Kenworth and MB base units.

Principal features

  • Level of ballistic protection (perimeter): B4-B6
  • Seats between two to five people
  • Multi-layered ballistic glass
  • Ram front dozer
  • Camera and recording system

Optional features

  • Floor and roof protection
  • Fuel tank and motor protection
  • Hale 500Gal/min fire pump (300psi)
  • One FireFox Fire Monitor (cannon)
  • Under and over carriagefire suppresion
  • Runflat inserts for wheels
  • Operator station for pump and monitors
  • Chili and ink storage tanks
  • Mesh port protection for glass
  • Self priming pump (refilling capability)
  • Tool locker
  • Spot lighting
  • Police strobes and siren
  • Rear wheel protection panels
  • Digital uplink (video and GPS)
  • Two suction hoses
  • Foam tank and mixing station
  • Video tracking
  • Infrared cameras
  • Gun ports
  • Additional door locking system

Base vehicle

  • International 4300 series. Freightliner, Kenworth and MB units available
  • Engine: 225hp (several engine configurations available depending on selected base unit)
  • Transmission: manual or automatic available
  • Payload: 14,000lbs front axle and 23,000lbs rear axle