ANSUL is a premium brand of Tyco fire protection products offering a full line of special hazard, fire suppression/detection systems, suppressing agents, and portable fire extinguishers. In response to the mining industry’s need for vehicle fire protection, the first ANSUL vehicle fire suppression systems was developed and introduced in the 1960s.

As mobile equipment evolved in size and complexity, we have met the challenge by developing and expanding our fire suppression equipment offering to meet those needs. ANSUL vehicle fire suppression products are developed at the ANSUL Fire Technology Center, one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world.

Crew automatic fire suppression system

The ANSUL AFSS provides fast, reliable protection against slow-growing or rapidly-spreading explosive events. Engineered for minimal weight and ease of integration, the ANSUL AFSS features unique high-speed infrared optical detection, central alarm/control, suppression agent storage cylinders, and various installation accessories and options to enable custom application to virtually any military or commercial vehicle. Within milliseconds, fire is detected and suppressed with a field-proven agent, activated either automatically or manually depending on severity and circumstance.

Quad-IR optical sensors

The ANSUL Quad-IR optical sensor technology is unique, providing millisecond response with an unmatched ability to differentiate between open flames and hydrocarbon signatures from various non-threatening sources. The Quad-IR optical sensors help eliminate false alarms and prevent accidental engagement – preserving protection for when it’s actually needed. Optional thermal detection wire is available for areas, such as engine compartment, and can be used in combination with optical detectors.

ANSUL's automatic fire suppression system (AFSS) is equipped to deal with slow or rapidly-spreading explosive events.
AFSS components are designed to perform reliably under the most extreme environmental and physical conditions.
The installation of SENTRY stored pressure fire extinguishers is recommended as back-up for fire suppression systems.

Electronic control module

The ANSUL Electronic Control Module (ECM) is the central controller for the AFSS. The rugged ECM is designed to perform reliably under the most extreme environmental and physical conditions. The ANSUL ECM allows for protection of up to eight zones (four suppressors per zone) for full vehicle coverage. Some key features include continual power-fault monitoring, self-diagnostic routine (SDR), cylinder pressure monitoring and CAN-bus capability.

High-speed valve and cylinder

The fire suppressant agent is contained in stored pressure vessels with high speed valves for fast opening upon receiving a detection signal from the ECM. The cylinders are offered in three agent capacities allowing for economy of space. Further flexibility is built in to the agent discharge outlets offering 180 degree rotation and nozzles capable of total flooding or local application discharge options

SENTRY- stored pressure fire extinguishers

As fires on vehicles and equipment can sometimes be unpredictable, Tyco recommends the installation of SENTRY stored pressure fire extinguishers as back-up to any fire suppression system. The extinguishers are available with a selection of agent options to meet specific application requirements.