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Winch Lines, Tow Ropes and Vehicle Recovery Kits

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Master-Pull® develops and supplies superior recovery equipment for use in a wide range of applications, from recreational off-road to heavy duty military and industrial use. Our military products have been successfully used in vehicles such as the Humvee and the RG31 MRAP vehicle.

The ropes used for these applications represent the greatest in synthetic rope technology, which is why our products are the most reliable in the field. These products include synthetic winch lines, kinetic tow ropes and recovery kits.

Superline XD® synthetic winch line

The Superline XD® is the ultimate synthetic winch line. Not only is its breaking strength the highest of its kind, the entire line is protected by a heavy-duty braided cover giving it excellent abrasion resistance. The cover prevents dirt and sand from fraying the core’s fibers, so its strength is never compromised.

The XD is also 80% lighter than steel wire cable, so in the unlikely case that it breaks, it will not violently snap back like cable does. In most cases it falls right to the ground. This makes vehicle extractions much safer and greatly reduces the risk of injury from flailing cables. Due to its light weight, the Superline XD® is also much easier to handle than wire cable, and it has no wire splinters to catch unsuspecting hands. It even floats on water.

The Superlin XD is available in a variety of diameters, with breaking strengths ranging from 21,000lb – 480,000lb.

Super-Yanker® Kinetic tow rope

The Super-Yanker® is the ultimate tow rope because, unlike conventional tow straps and chains, it utilizes the power of kinetic energy. The Super-Yanker® stretches up to 30% when in use, which greatly aids in vehicle extraction. This stretch also provides excellent shock absorption which decreases stress on the vehicle chassis. The Super-Yanker® is comprised of an inner core for strength and an outer cover that protects the rope from the elements.

The Super-Yanker is available in various diameters with breaking strengths ranging from 7,400lbs – 131,500lbs, so it can be used for all sizes of vehicles, from ATVs to heavy trucks and equipment.

W8000E MRAP vehicle recovery kit

Designed specifically for the RG31/RG33 MRAP series vehicles, the W8000E is the ultimate winch accessory kit. It includes all the necessary components for a safe and effective winch extraction.

P/N: W8000E (Vehicles up to 40,000lb)

Kit Includes:
1: 75ft. Superline XD® winch extension w/ hook
1: 10ft. Super-Yanker® bridle
4: Heavy duty Van Beest shackles
3: Sealed bearing swing blocks
1: Cavener device
1: Carrying bag

W4000EX Humvee winch recovery kit

Assembled with the Humvee in mind, this winch accessory kit includes all the necessary components for a safe and effective winch extraction. Available in two sizes:

P/N: W4000EX [vehicles up to 14,000lbs]
P/N: W3000EX [vehicles up to 8,000lbs]

The kit includes:

1: 50ft Superline XD® winch extension w/ hook
1: 10ft Super-Yanker® bridle
1: 15ft grade 80 chain w/ CM chain hooks
4: Heavy duty Van Beest shackles
3: Sealed bearing swing blocks
2: Rock guards
1: Carrying bag

MP8000K heavy vehicle recovery kit

The MP8000K Kinetic Tow Rope Kit includes the bare necessities for winch-less vehicle extraction. Available for a variety of vehicles, including:

P/N: MP8000K [vehicles up to 40,000lbs]
P/N: MP5000K [vehicles up to 20,000lbs]
P/N: MP4000K [vehicles up to 14,000lbs]
P/N: MP3000K [vehicles up to 8,000lbs]

Kit includes:

1: 30ft. Super-Yanker® Tow Rope
2: Heavy Duty Van Beest Shackles
1: Carrying Bag

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