Shooting practice

Sterela Defense offers a complete range of stationary and moving target systems for small arms and anti-tank shooting training for the military, defence and security sectors.

Complete training equipment for shooting ranges

Sterela Defense develops, produces, installs and maintains complete training packages for outdoor and indoor shooting ranges.

The company’s product range includes:

The portable PCI100 system is designed for small arms training with its exclusive and simple shoot / no-shoot apparition mode.
The MOV100 is a PCI100 add-on for automatic displacement up to 15km/h.
The PCI300 stationary pop-up infantry target system is designed for resident installation.
The CMI300NG mobile infantry or anti-tank target system can be used with the PCI300, PCI100 and PCA400 solutions.
The PCA400 stationary pop-up anti-tank target system is ideal for resident installation.
The SMAC500 mobile anti-tank target system is implemented in railway infrastructure.
The easy-to-use MSR100 controller provides basic control over the PCI100 and MOV100 range.
The SRC300NG global controller provides management and animation of firing shooting targets.
  • Portable infantry targets (rotary, pop-up, scissor)
  • Stationary infantry targets (pop-up, scissor)
  • Moving infantry / anti-tank targets
  • Anti-tank targets
  • Range control systems
  • Effects simulators (light, sound and pyrotechnics)
  • Acoustic scoring systems for shooting range (ASSOR)

Portable infantry targets

Sterela Defense’s PCI100 is a shoot/no-shoot target system in rotary mode. Its size, weight and modularity make it suitable for indoor or outdoor shooting training. Several options for extra-capabilities are available. An optional mechanical kit allows it to change target presentation in either scissor or pop-up mode.

The MOV100 is a mobility kit, which allows automatic displacement up to 40m along rail in indoor product range.

Stationary infantry targets

The PCI300 is a pop-up target system. Its embedded solar panel allows to use it for 24/7 outdoor shooting training with no battery charging.

Similar to the portable infantry target products, an optional mechanical kit is available to alter target presentation.

Moving infantry targets

The mobility of infantry targets is achieved by CMI300NG range, which allows displacement up to 1km rail of up to three wagons at 15km/h.

When multiple wagons are used, there is no mechanical link between them. Advanced automatics mode is factory-included such as escape-mode.

Stationary anti-tank targets

The PCA400 is a pop-up target system. Its embedded solar panel is suitable for 24/7 outdoor shooting training without recharging the battery. Power capability allows it to present a 5m² panel in a few seconds.

Moving anti-tank targets

The SMAC500 is composed of one diesel-electric locomotive and up to two trolleys. Installed on the railway, its speed (up to 40km/h) enables shooting training of sophisticated, integrated weapons on Leopard 2, M1 Abrams or Leclerc tanks.

Easy-to-use control systems for live-fire training

The MSR100 is conceived for the management and animation of the PCI100 and MOV100 systems. Integrated apparition mode provides the operator a quick takeover, resulting in an efficient training shooting period.

Global range control system

The SRC300NG is designed for the management and animation of firing shooting targets. Thanks to its touch-friendly interface, the system is the guarantor of well-piloted training sessions. Its wide, colour screen allows console operators to have an overall overview of the shooting range and ensures real-time remote control.

Real-time analysis of the results provides instructors a quick return on the workouts and shooting scenes. The programming of scenarios and shooting ranges requires the PCxLOG software suite.

Several training modes could be achieved by SRC300NG:

  • Still: count impacts without moving the target
  • Manual: controls the appearance of the target by the operator and the disappearance at impact
  • Automatic: the target appears automatically and disappears after impact
  • Timer: permits to test shooters time of reaction and manages progress
  • Random timed: enables the creation of random appearance target scenarios
  • Scenario: enables the creation of customised target appearance scenarios

Effects simulator (light, sound and pyrotechnics)

Sterela Defense supplies a complete range of add-ons to provide realism during training sessions.

A lighting system allows shooter to be visually informed that foe shoots on its direction, and a sound system provides alerts when enemies are firing in their direction.

The company has also developed a pyrotechnic system that provides different battle effects such as bangs, gun smoke or hostile fire, in order to place soldier in real-stress conditions.

Acoustic scoring system for shooting range (ASSOR)

ASSOR is a ground-to-ground acoustic scoring system (LOMAH) to locate miss-and-hit light weapon shots. All scoring information and the exact position, within a 3m radius area, are available on a touchscreen display.