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Rugged Protected Fibre-Optic Cables and Connectors

Solifos is a leading provider of tactical field cable systems and accessories for the defence industry.

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Solifos is a leading provider of tactical field cable systems and accessories for the defence industry.

Our focus is on providing solutions that offer robustness, small volume, and are as lightweight as possible, ensuring suitability for a range of defence industry applications.

With geopolitical tensions are increasing, traditional defence alliances are asking member states to bolster their own defensive capabilities, meaning countries across the world are increasing investment in their militaries.

Secure on-site communication is essential for modern electronic use and the control of advanced remote-controlled defence systems. This means that light and robust fibre-optic cables capable of withstanding the toughest of weather conditions are invaluable for the future special requirements of defence organisations.

Fiber-optic cables, BRUmil, BRUpowermil and BRUtough for tactical applications.
Deployment accessories, here wedge clamps to fix the cables and take away tensile strength from connectors.
Highly-mobile customized ruggedized communication infrastructure for harsh environment.
Lightning protection for people and equipment under canvas.
Repairing tactical fiber-optic cable in the field with emergency repair kit.
Various Solifos cable systems used together form a closed communication system in the field.
Solifos' solutions are suitable for a wide range of defence applications.
Solifos hybrid cable.
Solifos’ hybrid connector meets the MIL-DTL-83526/20 and -/21 technology standards.
Solifos offers hybrid cable solutions suitable for sight radio communication.

Advanced tactical cable solutions for the defence industry

Solifos provides specialised cabling solutions and system components and repairs for the entire life cycle. The ensures military personnel and fully supported and provides enhanced security to both them and the infrastructure.

Solifos’ solutions are characterised by their efficiency and robustness, as well as their compact, lightweight design. They can be assembled with a wide variety of military plugs.

Thousands of Solifos cables have been in use for over 20 years, with applications ranging from the installation of accessories and test equipment to repair kits. The great wealth of experience in design and system integration flows into the constant further development of our systems.

Fibre-optic field systems for military applications

Battlefield deployment can be demanding on personnel and their equipment, making the reliability of military equipment crucial. Problems with cable deployment or rodent damage can quickly escalate and cause serious risk to soldiers.

Solifos offers robust and lightweight cable solutions that ensure optimal in-field performance and availability under all conditions. All systems are available with the BRUmil, BRUfield and BRUtough cable types.

Complete systems we offer:

  • Hand Reel · Backpack with Reel
  • System Reels
  • Vehicle Reels and XXL Vehicle Reels
  • Reel with Rotary Joint

Hybrid cable systems for data and power transmission

Solifos has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to combined fibre-optic data and power transmission cables.

Our hybrid fibre-optic cable solutions allow the transmission of both data and power in one single thin cable, making them ideal for a range of military requirements. Hybrid cables are available for voltages of up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC and enable the transmission of up to 24kW with just a 6mm diameter cable. They are based on the proven BRUmil und BRUfield tactical field cables.

Solifos hybrid products:

  • BRUpowermil
  • BRUpowerfield
  • Hybrid Connector

The extremely robust, steel-encased BRUpowermil offers a cutting-edge compact form factor with optimal flexibility. Four fibre-optic cables are combined in the same cable with a copper conductor for electrical connectivity up to 1,000 VAC or 1,500 VDC and current up to 16A.

The BRUpowerfield cable stands out for its compact form factor, lightweight design and high flexibility. It features four optical fibres in a single cable combined with a copper conductor for electrical transmission up to 1,000VAC or 1,500 VDC and a current of up to 10A.

Military plug connectors are required in order to utilise hybrid cables in the field. Solifos’ hybrid connector meet both MIL-DTL-83526/20 and -/21 technology standards. The lens connector and copper contacts are able to handle voltages of up to 1,000VAC or 1,500VDC and current of up to 10A.

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    Solifos offers a wide range of fibre optic cables to fulfil several military requirements. This includes metallic and non-metallic tactical cables, metallic hybrid cables, and cable assemblies.

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