Solifos offers a wide range of fibre optic cables to fulfil several military requirements. This includes metallic and non-metallic tactical cables, metallic hybrid cables, and cable assemblies.

Our fibre optic cables are designed to be durable, compact and lightweight, and are versatile enough to be deployed in a variety of settings. This includes both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as extreme conditions.

Solifos’ BRUmil is a highly flexible tactical metallic fibre optical cable featuring a stainless steel loose tube and armouring. The BRUmil cable is most suitable for use in tactical military or civil applications, such as for temporary robust communication lines and mobile applications with rodent danger.

The BRUtough and BRUtough Mini cables are non-metallic field cables, specially made for quick deployment in harsh environmental conditions. This cable is also an ideal choice for use inside vehicles and shelters, as well as in tactical field applications.

Solifos’ BRUcast is a rugged field cable with tight buffered fibres for the tough environment of the broadcast industry. This cable is suitable for use in robust communication links, indoor and outdoor settings, as well as mobile applications.

This is just a small selection of Solifos’ extensive fibre optic cable range. Please download the PDF document on this page to view more of Solifos’ cables, along with detailed features and specifications of each model.