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Electronic Warfare Suite

RESOLVE is designed for the intercept, geolocation, exploitation and denial of tactical communications in the HF to UHF frequency bands, including 'modern waveforms'.

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RESOLVE is designed for the intercept, geolocation, exploitation and denial of tactical communications in the HF to UHF frequency bands, including ‘modern waveforms’.

It is a 100% UK state-of-the-art field-proven electronic surveillance and attack system and benefits from having both the software and hardware developed in conjunction with Roke’s operational experts.

More than 100 systems are now in operation in a number of countries.

With fully integrated wireless network connectivity, a RESOLVE system enables target data-fusion across the deployed baseline. This provides rapid target resolution, correlation and geolocation, through the use of the dedicated management information system (MIS) and geospatial information system (GIS) applications. RESOLVE is backhaul enabled for rapid data transfer of the operational picture to decision makers.

Interoperable electronic surveillance and attack systems

RESOLVE comprises a number of interoperable systems ranging from dismounts to fully integrated platform and static solutions.

Using the system’s communications architecture, multiple platforms can be networked together to perform collaborative position fix operations. In addition, electronic attack can be queued remotely enabling surveillance and attack platforms to be positioned to deliver maximum effect.

The flexibility of RESOLVE ensures commonality across the equipment fleet whether mounted or dismounted delivering not only military advantage but reducing the significant training and support burden associated with a mixed equipment fleet.

Manpack system

A Manpack system can be deployed in one of three configurations:

  • On-the-march – for the dismounted soldier
  • On-the-move – on a vehicle of opportunity
  • Static – for EW capability at forward observation positions

Integrated vehicle fitting

RESOLVE can be fitted into a variety of platforms while maintaining the flexibility to be easily dismounted for use in complex terrain or discreet operations. RESOLVE has been successfully integrated onto a number of vehicles, whether dedicated EW platforms or as part of a multi-sensor ISTAR capability.

Mast-mounted electronic surveillance solutions

Roke provides a range of static mast-mounted electronic surveillance solutions to meet a variety of operational scenarios. Covering the full detection range and with installations from 7m to 50m, these antenna configurations extend both the range and sensitivity of a RESOLVE system.

Support packages for the RESOLVE electronic warfare suite

We have operational staff that are familiar with the contemporary operating environment and will help tailor a system to meet your needs. We will analyse your mission requirements in a strategic context, consider through-life support and recommend the optimal and most cost-effective package to meet your needs, including logistics, training and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Roke has a strong heritage of successful projects in the defence domain. A leading provider of cutting-edge research and development, we have 60 years of experience behind us and a forward-thinking team that combines the finest engineering, scientific and mathematical minds in Britain.

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